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mine has shoes

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Q: What kind of rear breaks does 1991 geo prism have?
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Does the 1991 Cadillac deville have back disk breaks or Drums?

Discs in the front drums in the rear.

What kind of breaks is in a f250 06?

disc brakes , front and rear ( according to )

What causes grinding in rear of Navigator?

It could be your rear breaks / including the emergency breaks, or your rear differential

What kind of rear end did the 1991 grand wagoneer come with?

Dana 44

Chevy prism rear brakes?

OK, what about them?

What are the release dates for Rear Window - 1991?

Rear Window - 1991 was released on: USA: 1991

How do you change rear breaks on a 2003 tracker?

How do I change rear breaks on a 2003 tracker 6cyl 4x4? the axle is in the way...

Where could a knocking be coming from at the rear of my 1991 geo prism. nothing seems to be loose?

I found my noise wasn't something loose. It was the rear strut was bad. Was more of a load squeak that sounded like something knocking.

How come you have no handbreak breaks on the rear of your 106 but if you press the the break you have breaks?


Recently had tune up work on my 1991 GEO Prism and after driving for a week the car starts to idle rough. What could be the problem?

Did they change the fuel filter and the air filter as well. Odds are they didn't replace the fuel filter as they're kind of a pain in the rear to get to.

Why is it more expensive to replace front brakes than rear?

There are reasons that front breaks are more expensive. It may be more expensive to replace front breaks more then rear breaks, because the uses front breaks more.

What size speakers go in the rear dash of a 96 geo prism?


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