What kind of rights of equality does the constitution ensure?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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what kind of rights of equality does the contitution ensure

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Q: What kind of rights of equality does the constitution ensure?
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What kind of rights did a group of delegates want into the constitution?


What kind of rights did a group of delegates written into the constitution?


What goal was written in the constitution because citizens wanted the government to protect citizens from each other protect individual rights and establish peace at home?

The phrase "ensure domestic tranquility" provides for this kind of government protection.

What kind of equality is not guaranteed by democracy?

Democracy does not guarantee equality of income, or equality based on ethnicity or gender, or equity of peopleโ€™s control over their lives.

What were the antifederalist reasons for opposing ratification?

They believed that the rights that are now guaranteed through the Bill of Rights needed to be stated in some kind of Bill of Rights. Our basic rights should be written in a sort of Bill of Rights to ensure that we were guaranteed those rights.

What is the Bill of Rights purpose?

The Bill of Rights (amendments to the US Constitution) were added to ensure that personal liberties would not be infringed upon by the new federal government.

What kind of equality did the French revolutionaries want?

They wanted "Liberty", "Equality" and "Fraternity"

What is the Constitution?

A constitution is a framework of laws and principles that establish the function, nature, offices, powers, and limits of an organization such as giving people equal rights

What kind of rights did a group of delecates want written into the constitution?

A group of delecates has the right to be laundered in cold water with mild detergent.

What kind of Rights are given to a citizen and when traveling from one state to another?

Your rights remain unchanged from state to state, because they are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Which document is a country's human rights stipulated?

A country's human rights are typically stipulated in its constitution or in international human rights treaties and conventions that the country has ratified.

What is the importance of the constitution?

Every government that governs by constitution has differences and I can only speak to the Constitution of the United States of America with any kind of authority. Where do I find the authority to speak of the American Constitution? Why I am one of the people who holds the inherent political power in the country and in this country all people are presumed to know the law. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and I have done my due diligence and studied the Constitution and here is it importance; The Constitution of the United States of America has granted limited authority to governments to better protect and serve the rights of the people. The primary notion and force behind the Constitution is that the people are capable of governing themselves for the most part and agree to state and federal governments to better protect and serve the rights of the individual or the people. The authority granted by the Constitution to elected officials and appointees has been divided into three branches to further dilute any poison of tyranny. The Bill of Rights exists to list or enumerate certain rights while protecting those rights not listed. The only importance of the Constitution that matter is the importance of individual rights and how the government created by constitution can better protect those rights.