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Psychology careers offer competitive salaries. A beginners salary is around one hundred thousand dollars. More of less money can be made based on education.

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Q: What kind of salaries would be expected in psychology careers?
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What careers with a psychology degree are available?

Depending on what degree you have in psychology would depend on what jobs are available to you. If you have a general degree you could apply for most jobs unlike if you had a specialty degree.

What kind of careers can i get with a bachelor's degree in psychology?

you would need to go to grad school and then you can become a phycologist, phychatrist, etc

What kind of salaries would be expected in financial careers?

It depends on where you are working. For example, if you are working in the Bay Area, such as in the city of San Francisco, due to the cost of living in that area, you can make a starting annual salary of about 60,000, but if you work in Sacramento, where housing is cheaper, your starting salary can be as low at 40,000 per year.

Would a psychology degree be a graduate degree?

You can obtain a degree in psychology at all levels to include associate, bachelor, master's, and doctorate degrees. The lower the degree, the less opportunity for jobs within psychology. When thinking about careers within the field of psychology, you should think about obtaining the minimum of a master's degree.

What are some common careers in Psychology?

Some careers in psychology are psychologists, researcher, psychology teacher in high schools or colleges. Be a psychologist at schools, most schools have a school psychologists to help students. Researcher, would be a person who researches a certain area of psychology because there are many things still unknown about psychology. Many schools have psychology as a class, so a person could be a psychology teacher.

What kind of careers can i get with a master's degree in psychology?

there aren't really many jobs in the actual psychology section to have but it's a great lead on to get a master's degree which would expand you choices. mean while, a job in federal government or human resources.

Where can I get information on online psychology schools?

There are several excellent online psychology schools available which are very reputable as well as affordable. To see a complete list, I would highly recommend checking out this site:

Is salaries is the part of owners equity?

No, Salaries are an expense. EXPENSE is a part of owners equity but you would not put salaries in the owners equity group you would put it with the expenses.

What should your major be to become a Psychologist?

A psychology major would be a good option.A psychology major would be a good option.A psychology major would be a good option.A psychology major would be a good option.A psychology major would be a good option.A psychology major would be a good option.

Are salaries considered a liability?

If an accrual is made for salaries before they are paid, that accrual would be a balance sheet (the other side of the transaction would be your salary expense). When the salaries have been paid, the liability is reduced.

What is the latest psychology?

I would totally say that is transpersonal psychology.

Where can I get a clinical psychology degree?

I would go to UMass or BU for psychology. They are great psychology schools.