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Some careers in psychology are psychologists, researcher, psychology teacher in high schools or colleges. Be a psychologist at schools, most schools have a school psychologists to help students. Researcher, would be a person who researches a certain area of psychology because there are many things still unknown about psychology. Many schools have psychology as a class, so a person could be a psychology teacher.

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There are many thing you in the field of Psychology. Some of them being; Vocational counselor, school Psychologist, counselor, genetic counselor, forensic psychologist, engineering psychologist, clinical psychologist, sports psychologist, and special ed teacher.

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Q: What are some common careers in Psychology?
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What careers in psychology pay well?

Many potential psychology majors choose to go into sports psychology. Which is also a very good paying field, some students even get to meet famous athletes.

What are some common Convergys careers?

Some common careers with the company Convergys are Account Manager, Recruiting Associate, Customer Service Representative and Sales Manager. Other careers are Business Analyst and Cisco Voice Engineer.

What are some psychology programs available at schools?

A large variety of psychology programs are available at schools. Some of the most common psychology programs available are Linguistic Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Educational Psychology.

Besides private practice, what careers are available in psychology?

There are many careers that are available to home with a psychology degree so that he does not have to go into practice. He could be a guidance counselor in a high school.

What are some career options for psychology majors?

Psychology majors can pursue a great variety of careers. These include being a therapist, counselor, and human resources coordinator. They can also pursue doing research as a career for the field of psychology.

What kind of salaries would be expected in psychology careers?

Psychology careers offer competitive salaries. A beginners salary is around one hundred thousand dollars. More of less money can be made based on education.

What is a PS degree?

A PS degree is the abbreviation for a psychology degree. Some common psychology degree's are: PhD, PsyD, MS, MA, EdD.

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What has the author D E Super written?

D E. Super has written: 'The Psychology of Careers'

What is the most common career of psychology?

Clinical psychology

Do careers in psychology pay well?

A Career in Psychology can earn you a salary from $47,000.00 for a counselor to $59,000.00 for a forensic Psychologist, to $79,000.00 for a Neuro-Psychologist. A Psychiatrist can earn $144,000.00 or more.

What careers with a psychology degree are available?

Depending on what degree you have in psychology would depend on what jobs are available to you. If you have a general degree you could apply for most jobs unlike if you had a specialty degree.