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You need a degree in veterinary science. Then you need to go medical school.


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I thing you need to go to veterinaryschool, college, whatever you want to call it, then you should be a assistant to a vet, THEN try to get a job as a vet.

To be a vet you need to go through undergraduate school and at least four more years of school to become a vet. Then you need to be licensed in your state.

you can go to any school realy i heard that a&m is making a vet section.

you have to go to college then got to vet school and take the horse class in vet school

The same as for any other kind of vet. Contact the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for details, or any veterinary school. It's easier to get into medical school, though.

In both ways you have to go to vet school for 4 years.

For undergraduate, it should be fine - just make sure you take all the pre-requisite classes needed. For vet school, you can't go to UC - San Marco because there is no vet school there.

If you want to become a veterinarian you need to go to school and take doctors classes.

it depends what kind of nurse you want to be.(:

Yes, you can go to college to be a vet tech if you have your GED.

Pre-Vet, then you grad, and go to vet school where you get your degree

Yes of course you do! Other-wise you cant go to vet school!

from what i have heard, vets typically go to buisness school. i know my sister is currently attending buisness school to get her mb so she can be a vet

Veterinarian Medical School.

you can go to veterinarian school...there's a start

well its your decision you dont HAVE to go to a school if you dont want to, in new york a good top 10 school would be vetenarian started college its really good it focuses on studies and i would prefer to go to it

Yes, and college as well as vet school.

You must have a 3.6 GPA in science for high school and college. Then you have to go to Vet school for four more years.

It depends on what kind of dance you want to do and if you would like further your education.

first you must have your undergraduate degree which takes four years, then you need to go to vet school which is another four years, so it will take a total of 8 years to become a vet...

You could get a biology degree from a university or junior college, or attend a specialized school of Veterinary Medicine.

"To obtain an education, needed to lead a sucessful life in the real world and to get smarter ".

Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University Vet School, NC State

The accredited vet school in Oklahoma is Oklahoma State University.

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