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What kind of sea weed do shrimp eat?


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it depens on what kind of shrimp it depens on what kind of shrimp it is


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Yes a shrimp is a kind of fish, even though it doesn't have fins. You can still buy it at the fish mongers. A fish monger wouldn't sell anything but FISH! (not even sea weed)

Sea horses eat little shrimp

Sea monkeys are Brine shrimp and eat 'spirulina' which is a kind of algae.

smoked salmon sea weed acorn mush

Walrus primarily eat clams. but also eat sea cucumbers, shrimp,whelks and marine worms

Yes, since they are sea birds (puffins) they normally eat fish, shrimp is a type of fish in the sea.

No species of seahorse eats any kind of plant or algae. Seahorses are carnivorous, feeding mostly on small crustaceans and shrimp. The size of the food they can eat is limited by the size of their snout (due to their tubular mouth, they cannot chew their food), so they cannot eat larger prey.

Vampire squid eat sea monkeys,shrimp ect there enemies are sperm whale

Sea trout eat shrimp, clams, minnows and eels.

Shrimp normally scour the sea floor for food so shrimp don't normally eat live krill. Shrimp usually eat the leftovers of a krill.

Penguins eat shrimp, krill, fish and other small sea life

i think they eat shrimp

Sea anemones are known for eating a wide variety of different fish and sea life. These include krill, shrimp, and tangs.

Yes,Sea monkies are actually a shrimp.

Sea monkeys are brine shrimp and yes they do eat algae.

sea grass (a kind of sea weed)

Well, different sea turtles eat different things. Green Sea Turltes eat seagrass and algae. They eat fish when they get older. Hawksbill Sea Turtles eat squid and shrimp. Last, Loggerhead Sea Turtles eat crabs ,shrimp,and jellyfish.

a squid eat a fish and shrimp

yes Yes Sea Horses eat Krill they also eat little shrimp :)

Stingrays eat fish, sea worms, shrimp. and clams. They may eat soft shelled animals also. They eat plankton in the water also.

Sea animals the main sea animals that are decomposers are crabs and shrimp. Both crabs and shrimp comb the sea floor in search of things to eat.

No! Sea otters eat mollusks (small octopodes, clams, mussels etc.).

they eat small crustaceans , [ sea lice ] , shrimp and things like zooplankton .

well sea urchins eat sea weed and they also eat algae so yea

Ocean animals eat a varity of things such as plankton, other fish, sea weed, crabs, shrimp, crill, oysters, clams, ect... And not all ocean animals eat these things only certain species.

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