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Q: What kind of sensory receptor allows detection of light and vision?
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What type of sensory receptor allows detection of light and vision?


Where are the sensory areas for vision found in the brain?

The sensory areas for vision are found in the occipital lobe.

Specialized receptor cells responsible for night vision are called?

The human eye contains specialized receptor cells that are responsible for night vision. These cells are referred to as rods.

What sensory organs does a shark have?

death vision

What is the the first pair of the cranial nerve?

I- Olefactory (sensory): smell. II- Optic (sensory): vision.

What contains sensory receptors for vision in the eye?

Retina in the eye contains sensory cells. Retina has got rods and cones. Cones are responsible for colour vision. Rods are responsible for vision in less amount of light.

Which sensory system is most dominant for most individuals?


What is the sensory division?

The sensory nervous systems main function is to process any sensory information. Vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and movement are the things that this system processes.

What is the peripheral vision of a snail?

The peripheral vision allows snails to see from behind.

The vision area that allows you to read and identify distinct objects is?

Focal or Focus Vision

What is the main organ of the sensory system?

1. The main organ of the sensory system, in terms of human dependence on it, is vision. 2. The largest organ of the sensory system is the skin (touch, warm, cold, prickly, etc.)

Where are the receptor sights located for kinesthetic sense?

It depends on what the receptor cells are for. If they are for vision, they are located in the retina of the eye. If they are for hearing, they are located in the organ of Corti, and so on and so forth.