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if the spider has a red hourglass on the bottom of the abdomen then its A black widow.

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A spider with an all white body, a big abdomen and a black underbody is probably an orb weaver. These spiders are often found in meadows and gardens and are generally harmless to humans.


If the red color is in the shape of an hourglass it is a black widow.

that sounds very possibly like a mouse spider

What kind of spider has two white spots on its abdomen? And is found in a house.

One spider that could fit that description is the Black Widow spider. If it is a glossy-black spider and has a red marking on it's abdomen, it's a Black Widow spider. If you can, check the underside of the abdomen for a red marking in the shape of an hourglass. Be careful! These spiders are very poisonous and do pose a threat to humans.

You should clarify size and such, but the only one I know of with spots on the abdomen in orange or red is a black widow.

What kind of spider has a round orange body and white and black striped legs

I just ran into this spider with a brownish-red head and legs, with a dark grey to black abdomen. Doing some research, i belive it to be a "Black House Spider." I could be wrong :)

This kind of spider is called a Redback Spider. It was first found in Australia and resembles a black widow spider.

That description of a spider can relate to hundreds of species of spider. Sorry, there, but its a bit too vague.

Could be a Black and Yellow garden spider, common the US west coast.

A ladybird spider is a spider whose red body has four black dots.Specifically, the spider in question can be found natively in Greece. It carries the scientific names Eresus cinnaberinus and E. sandaliatus. It has white-striped black legs. Its fused head and thorax (prosoma) is black. Its abdomen-like rear (opisthosoma) is red, with 4 black dots.

it could be a brown widow or a black and white jumping spider

its either a Huntsman or a Wood spider

A kind of spider that has a black body with three orange dots is a daring jumping spider, also known as Phidippus audax. As the spider matures, the spots tend to turn white.

The kind of spider with a white body and black and white banded legs might be a crab spider. This could also be a wolf spider or a jumping spider depending on where you live in the world. There are over 40,000 species of spider.

i saw a spider just like that and i squished it (hehehehe)but i dont know what kind of spider it is.

A Maryland spider that has a large orange abdomen with greenish veins and a translucent body might be the common garden spider or the golden orb spider. These spiders are common in much of the US including in Maryland, and in their early development they have bodies that are almost translucent.