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There is no spider like that

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Q: What kind of spider has a black body with white and purple and is furry?
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What kind of spider is black furry hefty with white spots on back and white stripes on legs?

black and white jumping spider

What spider is furry with black and white stripes and a green mouth?

phidippus audax

What kind of spider is black and furry and with white spots that look like a face on its back?

A Jumping Spider

What kind of spider is white and furry?

abloom spider

What spider is furry black with 1 white spot on it's back?

The black spider with one white spot on its back is known as the Daring Jumping Spider. They are considered slightly dangerous with their bite.

Spider with green eyes furry white spots on legs?

that is a jumping spider

What is the name of a spider born yellow with black leg tips but once it gets older is white and purple?

the yellow sac spider

What kind of spider is a furry black spider with a white diamond on its back and stripes on its legs located in Pennsylvania?

Probably, it's an Araneus diadematus; see link below.

What is a jumping spider that is black furry and white-striped?

A zebra spider is a jumping spider that is black, furry, and white-striped.Specifically, the spider in question (Salticus scenius) belongs to the jumping (Salticidae family) part of the arachnid class within the animal kingdom. Females and males can be less than ¼ inch (6.35 millimeters) in length and width. They have no problems living in and near human-inhabited places and structures.

What kind are Black and white spotted with four purple eyed and green fangs spider?

It is hard to say exactly what spider is black and white spotted with four purple eyes and green fangs without seeing the exact spider. However, the Daring Jumping Spider is a common spider found in garages, houses, and barns that does sound quite similar.

Black spider with white spot on back?

black spider with white dot

What are black and white thorn spider?

Are black and white thorn spider venomous

Spider has a white body with 2 purple stripes?

Goldenrod Spider

What looks better purple and white or purple and black?

purple and black

What kind of spider is black and has white stripes?

i have a spider that is black with a white strip on its back?

What is a Black spider with white hourglass on back?

what spider is black with a white hourglass on its back

I found a black spider with white rings around its legs. It is furry and has a few small white dots on its hind section. It about the length of a pinkie fingernail. What is this thing?

Sounds like it might be what is called a"Daring Jumping Spider."

What is a black and white spider called?

A black and white spider is commonly called a zebra spider. It is called a zebra spider because it shares the same type of black and white stripes that a zebra has.

What spider is all black with a white butt?

White tip spider

I found a black furry spider with a white spot on it's back and green eyes in MI the size of the end of my thumb or a quarter?

Jumping spiders. White dot indicates it is harmless.

What matches Purple?

purple and black purple and white purple and yellow

What kind of spider is black with a white spot and white stripe and may live in Texas?

if it is a furry little spider it is probably one of the jumping spiders

What type caterpillar has white fur along body and red head and white furry mohawk and small red and black dots down back and two long black furry antennae and a long black furry tail?

White-marked Tussock Moth caterpillar

What kind of spider has a black body and black and white legs?

it could be a brown widow or a black and white jumping spider

What type of spider is black with white stripes?

It is called a white tipped spider.