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A short, squat black spider that jumps and has a red spot on its back is probably a red-backed jumping spider. These are common in the Pacific Northwest, including Vancouver Island.

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What is a brown spider with black and white on back?

what kind of spider is this and is it dangerous to people who are pregant

What kind of spider is black with clear white legs and jumps?

i have the same spider living in my house! i think there cute, but i have not clue what type of spider it is! sorry

What kind of spider is black white strips and jumps?

Zebra spider is the answer dude..... come on..... could have simply searched the net n found the answer

What is a sprigit?

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How does a crab spider capture its prey?

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What type of spider jumps?

Jumping spiders ^.^

How does jumping spider escape from its prey?

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What kind of spider jumps?

the jumping spider........ actually, yes they do exist, and as the name suggests, they do, indeed, jump

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What are the characteristics of a jumping spider?

big fat ugly it jumps and its creepy

What kind of spider is black has a red dot on its back not belly and is kinda hairy?

This is most likely a "jumping spider" and can be confirmed if it has squat legs, a stocky fuzzy body, somewhat twitchy behavior and, well, jumps. That would be your first clue.

What is a small black bug that jumps?


Tiny black bug that jumps?

A tiny black bug that jumps will most likely be a gnat, flea, or tick. It also depends on the location on where it is found.

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Does all spider spins web?

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What kind of spider is completely black furry with bright blue eyes a yellow spot on its back and jumps?

A jumping spider such as the one you've described typically belong to the arachnid family called Salticidae. The particular one you've described sounds like it may be a Jotus auripes. The spiders in this family are not venomous. Without seeing the spider identification isn't certain, so you shouldn't try to handle the spider until positive identification can be made.

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