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its probably a brown recluse


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Yellow jackets are native to North America but are not true hornets. They have horizontal yellow and black stripes on the lower half.

This description matches that of a cicada or sand-fly. They are large black insects with two yellow stripes on its lower body.

Could be a Black and Yellow garden spider, common the US west coast.

Spider monkeys sleep on lower branches

A spider that has a red upper body and legs and a gray lower body is a sowbug killer spider.

The spider species Argiope aurantia is commonly known as the Black and Yellow Garden Spider, Writing Spider or Corn Spider . It is common to the lower 48 of the United States, southern Canada, Mexico, and Central America. They have distinctive yellow and black markings on their abdomens and a mostly white cephalothorax. Males range from 5 to 9 mm; females from 19 to 28 mm. Like other members of Argiope and almost all other spider species, they are considered harmless to humans.

Hmm, the description on the question is quite vague but here is something i found that resembles the description: Daring (aka Bold) Jumping spider. It has the white dot in the lower part of its body.

No. They live in the canopy or lower canopy. One species that does live in the higher emergent trees is the colobos monkey.

Zebranaurs have the head, arms, and torso of a human, and the lower body of a zebra. Their upper body is normally brown, without the characteristic black-on-white stripes that cover its lower body. Many have a short mane of coarse black bristles running from the middle of the lower back up to the nape of the neck. Most favor a spiky hairstyle, but others prefer the traditional styles of the local humans.

Black death affected the lower classes cause rats sneaked into the ships in the lower classes and infected them with black death.

In the Lower School: Girls wear: black shoes and tights blue/green kilts white shirts with very thin blue stripes (same as boys but fitted) and navy jumpers Boys wear: black shoes black/dark grey trousers white shirts with very thin blue stripes navy jumpers and house ties (each house has a different coloured/striped tie) In Upper School: Girls wear: Long black skirts any shirt/blouse black jacket Boys wear: Any suit, tie

I think its an arachnid, inhabits southern africa, otherwise known as a wind spider. It's mouthparts are different from those of a spider, it has a lower jaw.

no black snakes have a bone inthere upper and lower jaws no black snakes have a bone inthere upper and lower jaws

Jaguars are smaller than tigers and have tawny-ish or gold-ish fur while tigers have brownish-orange (more of an orange) fur. They both have lighter to white underbellies, neck, throat, chin, and lower jaw. Both have black markings. Tigers have black stripes and jaguars have black rosettes with small spots inside them. Tigers have longer fur around the back of their lower jaw and white brows.

Most spider bites are harmless but you should have it checked by a doctor. You can get a serious staph infection for a spider bite that isn't poisnous.

A Sergeant has three stripes in the US military and a Corporal has two (if the stripes are located on the upper arm). If the stripes are located on the lower arm and are better described as slashes (just above the wrist) those are indicators of time in the service. Each slash represents 3 years in the Army and 4 years per slash in the Marine Corps.

The next lower grade is Corporal. 2 stripes instead of 3.

black mambas are 3rd consumers

The Black Lands in Egypt are located in lower Egypt.

Spider monkeys inhabit the canopy, or high branches of the rainforest. While they mainly forage there, they may also feed in the understory, or lower branches.

Depends on the spider. I just rescently read that they can be drowned, Lower there oxygen consumption and put themsleves in a comma. then 16 hours later revive themselves.

The Oak Island lighthouse has three distinct, wide stripes, white, black and grey. The lower third is the natural gray of Portland cement. The next section is white Portland cement and white quartz aggregate to enhance the white color. The top third or so is gray Portland cement with black coloring.

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