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That is a garden spider

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Q: What kind of spider has checkered black and yellow legs and two yellow dots?
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What spider is mostly black and has two yellow dots on its underside?

black spider with 2 yellow dots on its under side

Is a black spider with yellow dots poisonous?


What kind of spider has a light yellow spiked shell with black dots?

The spider with a light yellow spiked shell and black dots is the star spider. The star spider is commonly found is the Southern parts of the United States and Central America.

What is a black spider with yellow dots on its back?

Probably something to avoid!

What kind of spider has yellow dots on a black shiny body?

male black widow

What kind of spider has 4 yellow dots and is black and has grey stripes on its legs?

Banana spider

I have a small black fury spider that has i think 3 yellow dots on its back and it has yellow fangs what type of spider is it?

The type of spider you want to stay away from.

What spider has two yellow dots on its stomach Its legs are yellow and black striped?

Sounds like a writing spider. Google writing spider and see if it looks like one

Black spider with 3 yellow dots on its back?

Please look up the Yellow Garden Spider , better know as the "ARGIOPE AURANTIA". Look at it and compare it to your spider and see if you have a match, good luck!!!

What kind of a spider is yellow with a crab shell with spikes and black dots on it?

it is called an orbweaver or crabshell spider. harmless,usually found in texas area for some reason and i see where they do have different colors such as black,yellow or red.

What kind of spider has a black body two red stipes one yellow and 4 to 6 yellow dots?

I just ran into this spider with a brownish-red head and legs, with a dark grey to black abdomen. Doing some research, i belive it to be a "Black House Spider." I could be wrong :)

What is the hawaiian happy face spider life like?

it has a yellow circle an a black smile line an 2 black dots acacia answeared this@iao school

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