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Q: What kind of standard size do post-its come in?
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What kind of rails come standard on a tippmann x7?

Picatinny- standard size

What size mattress is standard in a sectional sleeper sofa?

Most two seat sectional sleepers come with full size mattresses. Three seat sectionals come standard with queen size mattresses.

What sizes do MTB tires come in?

MTB tyres come in a 26" size for prices around $20- 50 according to a specialized site With a standard size for bicycle tires, I imagine this is a standard fit for them.

What is the standard size of school id in inches?

There is not a standard size of a school in inches. Schools come in all sizes based of the population of the area the school is located in.

What size clamp fits razor ultra pro loscooters?

any kind of standard size compression or clamp

What size truck tires come standard on Ford trucks?

The size tire depends on the size and model of the truck. The owner's manual and manufacturer's information will detail the specifications of the tires that are standard on each model.

What size tires come on a standard, stock Chevy truck?

Standard, stock Chevy trucks come with 16" steel tires in almost all cases. As for older trucks, the tire size would differ depending on the model.

Is there a standard size for folding drafting tables?

Folding drafting tables come in a variety of sizes. You will have to find the size that suits your needs.

What is a size of a parrot?

it depends on which kind of parrot they come in all sizes

What is standard size of table?

There is no standard size.

What are the inside dimensions of queen frame?

In general queen size mattresses come in a standard size. Therefore, the inside dimensions meet with corresponding mattress. The standard dimensions are 60â?? x 80'.

What size front and rear speakers come standard on a 1995 Saturn SL?

i have the same question?