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If the damage is from trauma a dog will sometimes circle in one direction, one pupil in the eye maybe larger than the other. This is Very serious, to prevent further damage, or death, get the dog to the Vet. ASAP!

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What kind of symptoms are there?

There are all kinds of symptoms there are respitory symptoms which have to do with your lungs and breathing. there are cardio symptoms which have to do with your heart there are skin symptoms (eg. rashes bullas blisters ETC). there are neurological symptoms which have to do with your brain. there are Nephrological symptoms which have to do with your kidneys and the filtration of blood and there are urinary symptoms which deal with your bladder

What kind of symptoms do dogs get if they are crazy and are acting weird?

Being crazy and acting weird ARE symptoms. You'd better rethink your question.

Can you take a dogs medicine?

It kind of depends on your dog's symptoms, you would have to check with your vet. I know for a fact dogs can have Benadryl, but I wouldn't give it much.

What kind of desease is Epilepsy?

neurological disease

What kind of a doctor deals with migraine headaches?

Neurologists and Headache Specialists are best equipped to deal with Migraine - a neurological disorder in which headache is only one of many possible symptoms.

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According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), megalencephaly is one of the cephalic disorders, congenital conditions due to damage to or abnormal development of the nervous syst

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Neurological problems are the most common kind of nonlethal harm suffered by electric shock victims

What kind of doctor treat this symptoms?

what kind of doctor treats symptoms of sciaticia

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The website NETT, the website for Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials, is a repository of all of the government funded neurological experiments.

What chemical is in a snake bite?

This entirely depends on what kind of snake it is. There are different types of toxins: hemotoxins (blood toxins), neurotoxins (cause neurological damage), and many more. Include the type of snake and I will respond</P>

What kind of brush do short haired dogs need?

short haired dogs need rubber brushes to be groomed with if u have a wire brush dont use it,it could damage the skin short haired dogs need rubber brushes to be groomed with if u have a wire brush dont use it,it could damage the skin

Is Kwashiorkor reversible?

Yes, to a large extent... if the child starts getting enough food and proper nourishment (the right kind of non-toxic food), then the symptoms will reverse. However, some effects are permanent, so if neurological limitations have occured, or teeth falling out.... those sorts of things cannot be reversed. So, it depends on how long the condition has continued, and what damage has been done.

What kind of illnes ben burnley has?

Chronic fatigue syndrome and a few neurological disorders

What kind of dogs are usually rich dogs?

Smaller and fanicer dogs

What kind of dogs are house dogs?

dashunds(; amazing dogs I <3 them!

What kind of destruction does a tornado cause?

they cause this kind of destructionEF0 minor to no damageEF1 moderate damageEF2 considerable damageEF3 severe damageEF4 devastating damageEF5 incredible damage

What kind of damage can typhoons do?

The kind of damage that typhoons can do is quite disastrous. This includes damage on property, loss of lives and casualties among others.

What kind of animals do dogs have?

puppys because they are dogs

What kind of dogs were Egyptian dogs?

The Pharaoh Hound

What kind of dogs have black nails?

most dogs do

What kind of symptoms do dogs get if they have an ear infections Is it common with ear infections for the dog to have a weakhorse bark and a cough?

some common symptoms for an ear infection in a dog is scratching the infected ear and shaking the head. a weak, hoarse bark and a cough could be symptoms of a common cold, and should pass; if not consult a veterinarian.

What kind of dogs were Nazi dogs?

German Shepards. Dogs do not have ideologies though.

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Volcanoes can cause a Lot of damage

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Disastrous damage

Are dogs kind to cats?

some dogs are kind but not all. it depends on the dogs pesonality if it friendly to any animal or its mean and cruel to everyone. so some but not all are kind to cats