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What kind of tools does a marine biologist use?

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Marine Biologists work in water alot, don't forget that. SO swimsuits, and guess what else?

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What kind of technology do marine biologist use?

Marine biologist have a large array of technology at their disposal. Some of their tools are as follows: scuba gear, microscopes, satellites, and thermometers.

Tool marine biologist use?

they use all kinds of tools they use all kinds of tools bib marly

What kind of words do marine biologist use?

stuff and things

Kind of tools does a biologist use?

tools that the biologist use are microscopes, petri dish, laboratory, test tubes, beakers, and computers tools that the biologist use are microscopes, petri dish, laboratory, test tubes, beakers, and computers

What tools do marine biologist use?

Computer, scuba gear, microscope, telescope, battles for sampling, thermometers and hydrometer are some of the equipment that a marine biologist use. They mostly do a scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other bodies of water.

What gear does a marine biologist need?

a marine biologist needs a boat an office marine animals and things that aquavets use

How do marine biologist use science?

Marine biologists use science just like every biologist. They study living organisms and how they interact with their environment. The only difference is that the marine biologist studies organisms in the water.

What equipment do marine biologist use?


What tools do you use as a biologist?


What are some terms used by a marine biologist?

A marine biologist studies the life in the oceans and other saltwater environments. Terms that a marine biologist may use include abiotic, bacterium, bivalves and chordates.

What tools do a molecular biologist use?


How do you use a sentence with biologist?

This is my biologist cousin, Jane. Rachel Carson was an American marine biologist and conservationist.

What equipment does a marine biologist use?

the equipment used is a boat , office and animals

What kind of tools did they use?

what kind of tools did the cavemen use.

How do you use 'octopus' in a sentence?

"The marine biologist was looking forward to studying the octopus."

What common tools do marine biologists use?


How do laboratory tools improve the observations made by a biologist?

The laboratory tools help the biologist to experiment about the things that they want to know and to prove their hypothesis. the lab tools help them to analyze their experiments like when they need to study their specimen they will use the microscope.

What tools would a biologist most likely use to help magnify specimens?


What kind of tools did the miwok tribe use?


Can a Marine Biologist have time for other hobbies or own a business?

Maybe, since Marine Biologists have to make fundraisers to pay for their research. The buisness could be what they use for fundraisers.

What kind of scientists use microscopes in their work or research?

i think a biologist or chemist

What kind of tools did they use during the paleolithic era?

stone tools

What kind of tools did the Aztec Indians use?

they used wood tools and steel tools and rock or stone tools

What tools do marine biologists use everyday?

scuba gear and other materials dummy.

What does a marine biologist use?

They examine animals and sea creatures and do research on their life cycle and their numbers to make sure they are not in danger of becoming extinct