What kind of torturing did they do in the concentration camps during the Holocaust?



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Gas Chambers -

These gas chambers were used to torture then kill the Jews. The Jews were put into small chambers in groups and gas was released in these chambers. This gas was very hazardous and it killed everyone in the chamber. This was one of Hitler's main techniques to kill Jews. It was a slow death, which is way most countries have banned the use of these chambers.

Lethal Injection -

Lethal injection that was used during the Holocaust in the same way as America version; for execution; they inject poison into the bloodstream by needle. Most needles were not sterol so if somehow you did not die by the poison that was injected you would die of infectious diseases.


The Nazi's hung Jews for committing crimes. They sometimes picked Jews that had not committed any crimes, more innocent Jews were hung then Jews that had actually committed crimes. They would take a thick rope about a yard long, tie it to the top of a wooden platform, and slide your head into the hole of the rope(made by tying the end of the rope to the rope, to make a circular shape to fit around your neck and it was tightened). You would then be thrown off the wooden platform. They would cut the rope and move on to the next Jew.


Some Jewish women were raped by the Nazi guards within the concentration camps and also outside of the camps. This was one of the worst tortures they used, because the women were taken from their families(who were usually slaughtered) and made a sexual slave to whom ever took you.


Some Jews died from the conditions on the way and in the concentration camps such as hunger, thirst, and being stomped when in the crowd being taken from their homes to the concentration camps. Many Jews died from lack of food, the only food that was in the concentration camps was for the Nazi's and the Jews got the left overs, if there were any. The only drinking water was out of puddles, and the water was not purified, some died of infectious disease in the dirty water.


The Nazi's were notorious for shootings. If you were in a concentration camp or working in a labor field, you had the risk of being shot by a Nazi. Most would say being shot was the best way to die in the concentration camps, it was quick and you didn't have to suffer. They would shoot you and add your body to the body ditch, which normally had hundreds of dead bodies.

Physical Labor-

A lot of Jews were forced into physical labor. They would have to build railroads and trenches, work quarries, etc. Many Jews worked for German companies in or around the camps. Other people who had skills worked at their trades - seamstresses, goldsmiths, carpenters, shoemakers. They worked on the clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. left behind by the murdered people.


A lot of Jews were beaten by the Nazi's with bull whips or strips of leather. It was excruciatingly painful, and it didn't kill you. You were normally beaten on many occasions. They would beat any part of your body, it didn't matter to them. If you were beaten it usually left bruises, scars, or blisters.


Some Jews were used for Nazi Medical Experiments. This could be painful or kill you. They could change the way your body performed, make your mind hallucinate, etc.