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What kind of transmission comes in a 2000 Chevy Tahoe?


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2012-06-02 16:54:19
2012-06-02 16:54:19

That would be the 4L60E transmission

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That would be the 4L60E And the E stands for ELECTRONIC.That is the ONLY transmission that will work in that year.

NO... The 97 year transmission will NOT even bolt up to the 2000 engine block. NOTHING under the year 2000 will fit anything OVER the year 2000

schematic on cabin air filter for a 2000 chevy tahoe 5.7 L

It will fit right in the 99 as long as it is not the new body style. In late 1999 Chevy redesigned the engines and transmissions and no longer used the 5.7L 350 engines.

Yes, I have a 2000 Tahoe and it has a removable third row.

The transmission in a 2000 Astro is a 4L60E.

Which engine? 5.7liter vortec

NO it will not bolt up to the transmission in the 2000 model.

97 transmission will not fit in a 2000 Chevy

NO. Not even close to being the same. Nothing under the year 2000 will fit anything above 2000.

That would be the 4L60E transmission.

Remove the plug from the bottom of your 2000 Chevy transmission. Allow the transmission to completely drained out. Return the transmission plug to its original position. Fill the transmission with new fluid.

Sounds like something is out of alignment in the transmission area. Make sure all the bolts are tight down there.

Will a 2000 blazer transmission fit a 1998 s 10 chevy 4x4 truck

I've got a better question, why is this question in the Chevy venture forum ?

you don't unless you are a skilled mech

it is behind the starter. You will have to remove the starter to get to it.

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