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There are several kinds of treatments you can use to get rid of the hives. Some of the many treatments include taking pills prescribed by your doctor and rubbing ointment on your hives to get rid of them.


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they live in trees in hives

the ones that hang from trees!!!!!!!!!!

they kind of look like red sploches

The Varroa Mite is the main problem, but there are others.

No hives do not lead to or cause lupus, but lupus can cause hives.

You can take benadryl for hives.

Hives are not cause by an std, hives are usually caused by an allergic reaction.

statistical tests are used to analyze data for experimental treatments.

Hives are not contagious. Someone has an allergic reaction, and that WILL cause hives. If you do not have an allergy you will not react the same.

Yes. Hives are an allergic reaction. If you have a cat allergy then you may get hives as a reaction.

Not really sure, what do you mean by hives? If you mean bee hives then you will never get the answer not from me anyway

Can staph cause , hives .

Hives come from Colorado

Hives are habitats where wasps live.

A lot of different things can cause hives, including this. Yes, this can cause hives. You should see a doctor if hives continue.

Tyrannosaurus Hives was created in 2003.

Harry Hives died in 1974.

Harry Hives was born in 1901.

Hives are a common allergic response yes.

Atmospheric dust, natural gum and resin treatments, and pollen grain rubbings are the ways to make bee hives brown. Hives darken over time because of the dust and grains that bees inadvertently and intentionally transport and the propolis that bees make to coast walls and repair openings. Bees handle and transfer sticky edibles that are less easy to remove than waste products.

Not directly. Typically if hives and a fever are present then there are other factors at play. Hives themselves will not cause a fever. If a bacterial or viral infection is present, that can cause a fever and hives

No herpes and hives are not related. Hives are usually caused by an allergic reaction, herpes are caused by a contagious virus.

it is possable that bee hives fight most do.

they make their hives in trees

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