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What kind of trees are in a Taiga?


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Softwood trees like pine which have spiky needles.

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You will find cedar trees and other conifers there.

the trees that grow leaves and the leaves that grow on trees

Mainly evergreen or coniferous trees.

Yes.Every side of a taiga it has a lot.

the type of tree that grows in taiga are: the confeirous trees and many more

The Taiga is a biome with coniferous forests. You will mostly find pine trees, spruce trees, and larches.

The lanscape if taiga is full of trees and is snowy.

Coniferous trees usually grow in the taiga, but the dwarf widow can grow in the tundra.

yes they do live in the taiga, they eat seeds from the trees

deciduous trees, and conifers

=People are harming taiga because they`re cutting down trees. Also them eating the animals in taiga................................................=

The dominant vegetation in the taiga are Coniferous forests. (Coniferous Trees)

Conifer trees and Broadleaf trees.

No they do not because all the trees there are evergreens

A taiga biome has coniferous trees and tundra does not

The koala is not a bear, and it does not live in the taiga. Taiga is essentially coniferous forest. Koalas rely on eucalyptus trees for food and shelter, not conifers, and eucalyptus trees are found in native Australian bushland.

The trees in the taiga have thick bark that protects the tree in mild wild fires.

what kind of hug do you get in the taiga? -a bear hug

The main causes to Environmental damages in the Taiga is: People are tearing down trees and burning them in the Taiga Biome. They are Burning many areas of it to build houses in the Taiga also.

People cut down trees...

it is to hot no moisture

Taiga have trees and Tundra don't due to the permafrost(subsoil that is always frozen)

The are a vast majority of trees in Taiga but the most common one is the apple tree.

spruce, fir, and tamarack ( probably more)

There are many examples or symbiotic relationships with taiga. A few of these examples are lichens, trees, food and algae.

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