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The Spotted Turtle small turtle with dark green carapace which is usually spotted with yellow, round spots along with the head, neck and limbs. Sometimes, older individuals spots lacking on shell but still on head, neck and limbs and orange blotch behind eyes.

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What colors are spotted turtles?

Spotted turltes have a dark brown to black carapace with yellow to orange spots on each scute.

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Most turtles are brownish-gray, caramel-colored, gray, tan or dark brown. However, some turtles are black, white, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple, olive green, shades of green, and pink (really, turtles can be pink) Sea turtles are normally grayish with speckles. Some turtles are striped, speckled, spotted, blotched, or have weird and unusual patterns.

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