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What kind of vegetable can you give roosters?

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Any grasses or weeds that you pull from the garden, spinach, pumpkins, corn. But do not give them anything that has been sprayed with pesticide or herbicide.

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Are roosters mammals?

No. Mammals give their young milk. Roosters are birds.

Can roosters breed with any kind of hen?

Yes,Roosters have been known to breed with any kind of hen.

Do roosters have backbones?

yes because they a kind of bird

Does anyone take Bantam Roosters Bantam roosters to give away?

Yes Contact your local 4H club and let them know you have bantam roosters to give away and they will help you. You can also post a note at the local feed supplier.

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What Kind of vegetable is cabbage?

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Why do roosters cluck when they eat?

If the roosters are kept with hens they will sometimes give a low sort of whining cluck to call the hens over to the food.

Give examples of healthy vegetable dishes?

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Is cabbage some kind of vegetable?

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Can you feed chicken celery?

Yes a chicken can eat any kind of vegetable u wish to give the chicken and it is healthy for them

What kind of animals were sold during the Revolutionary War?

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What kind of birds have a cream and blue egg?

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Do roosters become lethargic when separated after being together with hens?

Certainly they can. Without any external stimulation from their own kind the roosters natural display tendencies will be lessened.

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Do roosters sit on nests?

Some breeds of roosters will sit on nests to give the hen time to eat and drink. maybe it could be but i hi-ly doubt it Dr.Igetmoney

What kind of animals can be found in Columbia are like more than others?

Chickens and roosters.

A rooster is what kind of animal?

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Kind of