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I have two yellow belly sliders, so I will tell you what my vet told me to feed them, and what I feed them every other day. Carrots are good if you thinly slice the carrots and let them float in the water, celery is good if you can cut them up into small chunks so they float. I also sometimes feed them tomatoes sometimes. They also eat dandelion leaves and some types of berries. Green and red lettuce is good for them also. You can leave these veggies in the tank with them for up to three hours. If they don't eat them by then, dispose of the veggies. *Make sure you clean the veggies thoroughly before putting them in the water with the turtle(s)! The bug killer on the veggies can harm and even kill your turtles!!* Feed your turtles these veggies as a snack or with pellets you feed them as a main course. You can visit your local Pet Smart or Pet Co for the pellet food, but you can't just stick with the pellets. I use Zoo Med pellets to feed mine and my turtles enjoy them very much. If you have baby turtles, veggies are very important to their diet. I hope this helps you! :)

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Yes - and no ! They can eat it, but can get sick by eating it (they like the taste and smell !)

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Q: What kind of vegetables can yellow belly sliders eat?
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