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You find salt water in the oceans.

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Fresh water, whatever water they can find.

Penguins drink salt water but they are able to clean the salt out of ocean water. They get fresh water to drink and the salt dribbles back into the ocean.

The Antarctic ice sheet contains 70% of the earth's fresh water. The Southern Ocean that surrounds the continent is salty, sea water.

The chandarayaan spacecraft found fresh water on the moon.

flying fish and othere things that are in the ocean that i don't know about

You can find frozen fresh water on the Antarctic continent. In winter, the continent is surrounded by frozen salt-water based ice.

pandas drink fresh water

Clams (the salt water kind) live in the inter-tidal zone to shallow ocean. Fresh water clams live in the bottom of rivers or lakes.

Sedimentary is found below the ocean floor or area with water

Brazil has mostly fresh water

The only kind of water a goldfish needs is fresh water.

Fresh Water cause 2 % of the 3 percent of fresh water on Earth is in the icecaps, glaciers, and icebergs.

the answer depends on the fish species. if you didn't get the fish at a pet store, and found the fish in the ocean, keep it in saltwater. if not, use freshwater.

Tadpoles live in fresh water. A bit of mudd is exceptional only if it's not from a creek,stream,lake,spring,or ocean. You can add lilly pads to.

Both fresh water and salt water.

Tropical fresh water. (Not salt water).

as the main source of rain is the fresh water and then it gets mixed with different kind of mixtures and gases in the air so the fresh water gets evaporated and gets mixed with different kind gases

clean, fresh water is best.

Kind of. They can have a mix of salt and fresh water.

fresh water. i beleive. i think.

Any Kind, I would Recommend Fresh Water. I am pretty sure any kind of water. 87%

it counts on the crocodile : saltwater crocodiles drink salt water and fresh water crocodiles drink fresh water.

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