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Nimbus clouds generallly bring thunders and showers.


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No, nimbus clouds produce preciptation.

A nimbus is a type of storm cloud, so expect precipitation and little sun if the weather forecaster says that nimbus clouds are on the way.

Nimbus clouds; they are usually a sign of heavy rains.

nimbus really means that a cloud that already has rain or snow falling out of it.

Stormy weather. Rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

Cloudy with a high chance of precipitation.

nimbus clouds often mean that a thunder storm isbrewing mostly see nimbus clouds when it is going to rain or snow

Clouds that are dark on the bottom are likely cumulonimbus clouds. That word comes from cumulus and nimbus. Cumulus means light, or fluffy. They're the kind of clouds you look for shapes in. Nimbus means rain. So, fluffy rain clouds is a rough translation. Cumulonimbus clouds bring rain, and possibly a tornado if you live in that area. It might be a heavy rain or a harsh thunderstorm. Just get inside as fast as you can!

Clouds are categorized as cumulus, nimbus, cumulo-nimbus, and cirrus.

Nimbus clouds are dark gray cloud bearing rain. So, yes.

The type of clouds that produce rain are the nimbus clouds. There are two kinds of nimbus clouds and they are the cumulonimbus and nimbostratus clouds.

Tornadoes form in cumulonimbus clouds, which can be considered a variety of nimbus.

It should be a cloudy day with little sunshine and the weather has a high chance of precipitation, usually rain.

Gray to very dark gray. There are various types of nimbus clouds. Nimbus clouds are associated with rain. As a matter of fact nimbus is Latin for rain.

nimbus/ cumulo-nimbus clouds

Yes, nimbus clouds bring rain, sleet, snow, etc.

Nimbus … rain clouds

cumulus nimbus clouds produce rain

The clouds that thunderstorms from in are Nimbus clouds. Any type of Nimbus cloud can forms a thunderstorm. p.s. To divine a Nimbus cloud it is ether black or gray. But not every Nimbus cloud forms a thunderstorm only some, but keep that in mined.

Nimbus clouds get up to 60,000 feet depending on the density, temperature, currents...

The types of clouds are: cumulus, the fluffy white kind which are the most regular type, cumulonimbus and nimbus, which are rain clouds, and cirrus, which are wispy, high altitude clouds.

cumulonimbus, cirrus, and nimbus clouds are the main types of clouds

Well a nimbus cloud is not a cloud. If you are referring to a cumulonimbus cloud than yes. A cumulonimbus cloud is a storm cloud. Clouds that have names that include -nimbus or nimbo- are likely to produce precipitation.

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