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good enough to go on a picnic


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Cirrus clouds bring fair weather which is good for being out doors.

Cirrus clouds bring nice weather.

You get no precipitation from cirrus clouds, they are too thin and too high. Hence, the weather they bring is dry.

cirrus clouds mean usually fair (good) weather

Cirrus clouds usually approach with fair weather, but the fair weather may later indicate that a storm/thunderstorm is approaching.

no cirrus does not cause weather. no cirrus does not cause weather.

Fair weather,but can also signal an approaching storm

A cummulus cloud predicts fine weather, a cirrus predicts okay weather (also fine), stratus are often connected to stormy weather, and a nimbus is probably going to bring rain.

They both mostly bring fair weather.

Stratocumulus clouds can bring fair weather and rain.

what kind of weather dose each typically bring.

monsoon usually bring fresh and clear weather

no cirrus does not cause weather.

They bring warm weather if it is coming from the south and cold weather if it is coming from the north.:]

A stationary front will bring several days of cloudy, wet weather.

Alike: They're both clouds. Different: Cirrus clouds usually bring fair weather and are wispy, like a horsetail or a feather. Cumulonimbus clouds usually bring thunderstorms and are dark, large clouds.

cirrus cloud are white thick and fuirry

the weather that cumulonimbus brings is thunderstorms

These types of clouds can bring precipitation

High wispy ice clouds. Often seen in clear skies and mean good weather , but can mean a change in the weather!

Generally, none. The cloud can be a precursor to weather, however, as cirrus cloud often precedes cold fronts.

An occluded front would likely bring cold and dry weather.

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