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usually sunny fair weather. These clouds are thin and wispy. You may not trust me because I am in 8th grade, but I found it online wile studying for exams.


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cirrus clouds mean usually fair (good) weather

Cirrus clouds bring fair weather which is good for being out doors.

Cirrus clouds usually approach with fair weather, but the fair weather may later indicate that a storm/thunderstorm is approaching.

Fair weather,but can also signal an approaching storm

The type of weather associated with cumulus clouds is nice. These clouds are often called fair weather clouds, because they usually indicate pleasant weather.

High wispy ice clouds. Often seen in clear skies and mean good weather , but can mean a change in the weather!

thunder storms rainy weather clouds

Cirrus clouds are followed by an approaching warm front.

the featerhery kind of clouds are cirrus clouds

the feathery clouds in the sky that kind of look like eyelashes are cirrus clouds

A cirrus cloud is a feather like cloud.

Cirrus clouds are light and feathery.

usually pretty nice, but it also means that bad wheather is coming.

a cirrus cloud are the kinda wispy ones. they usually mean fair weather. they look kinda like a cumulus cloud all spread out fith blue sky patches inbetween. im in 5th grade. I know this stuff

Cirrus clouds are thin, wispy and are composed of ice crystals. Cirrus clouds are the highest form of cloud, and do not usually cause precipitation.

Low pressure allows clouds to form. Usually it would rain, but there will be clouds around with low pressure. 85% of the time there will be clouds around.

Well i associate a cloud front with white pubic hair if that helps.

Normally, High Pressure doesn't allow clouds to form. That means it would bring sunny weather.

Cumulus clouds generally indicate fair weather.

good enough to go on a picnic

The types of clouds are: cumulus, the fluffy white kind which are the most regular type, cumulonimbus and nimbus, which are rain clouds, and cirrus, which are wispy, high altitude clouds.

These types of clouds can bring precipitation

Stratus clouds are low grey clouds which bring a drizzle.

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