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Anticyclones usually bring calm weather with few or no clouds.


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My answer is dry & clear.An anticyclone would likely bring weather with cool, dry air and clear skies.

a depssion is a waterfall and a anticyclone is what makes the weather to change

it brings dry and clear weather!

Weather associated with an anticyclone is generally dry and clear. An anticyclone is a high pressure system, which means it is characterized by subsiding air which causes relatively calm winds and clear skies.

Yes, an anticyclone is a high-pressure weather system associated with calm, clear weather. Anticyclones spin in the opposite direction of cyclones.

anticyclone is an area of high air pressure that causes calm weather in the place it is moving over

an anticyclone is an area of high pressure that brings fine setteled weather. in an anticyclone the air is decending which means it is trapped on the ground and cannot rise, therefore we don't get rain!

The air in anticyclones moves out from the center, cool air moves downward from higher in the troposphere. Anticyclone generally causes dry, clear weather.

arid (meaning dry) arctic temperatures anticyclone

warm, sometimes hot, sometimes rainy.

A high pressure system or an anticyclone.

It is a weather system in meteorology on the scale of a cyclone or anticyclone.

An anticyclone is a high-pressure weather system characterized by fair weather and winds that rotate around the center of highest pressure. Systems in the northern hemisphere rotate clockwise while those in the southern hemisphere rotate counterclockwise.

A weather system with high barometric pressure at it's centre, around which air slowly circulates. They are associated with fine, calm weather

The descending air of an anticyclone generally causes dry, clear air.

Anticyclone is the opposite of a normal cyclone.

No. Cyclones often bring rain or snow. Anticyclones bring fair weather with few or no clouds.

An anticyclone is a region of high atmospheric pressure relative to the surrounding air.

Fine settled weather often with clear skies. Warm sunny days in the summer and clear frosty days in winter. Mist or fog can occur especially in the mornings.

SIR FRANCIS GALTON - he introduced the theory of the anticyclone

Anticyclones generally bring clear or mostly clear skies with little chance of rain or snow. Since anticyclones often form the cores of air masses they may bring with them extremes of heat or cold.

The cast of Anticyclone - 2011 includes: Sanita Jonane

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