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women who didn't want to go to war but wanted to help out in some way

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During the time of WWI, it was uncommon for women to work outside of the home. By the time WWII rolled around, women were working in factories, ship yards, and many other formerly men only jobs.

women were mianly nurses during the wars.

They did several things like making war supplies in factories, built warships, worked as nurses, and several engineering jobs. Basically, the women took over the men's jobs when the men went to war.

During World War 2, women would donate items that were made of metal to help with the war effort. The metal could be used to make weapons and vehicles.

Women either got gassed in the chambers or brought bodies out of the gas chambers. ___ Work done by women in concentration camps included: * Quarrying * Work in German armaments factories * Chemicals

They ran the machines, the smaller children had to climb to operate their machine

in world war 1 the women were used to clean wounds and take care of the injured

Ammonia factories produce the gas ammonia (NH3).

In the 20's the women used to wear their hair very short, but in WWII the women wore their hair longer. If you are looking for a vintage hair style these women; Rita Hayworth, Gene Tierney, Veronica Lake.

During the Holocaust, women wore smock type dresses. Women wore shoes made similar to clogs. They had no change of clothes, and often slept in there dresses.

if you mean worked in, match factories were very common and VERY dangerous

women had the choices of a hooker,hoe,stripper,or a person who gets payed for sex

in this movent the women demand for work during world war

Supporting the war effort, as was Germany, the US, Great Britain, etc. Specifically working in factories, even if underground, and trying to grow food to sustain life.

Women made every kind of weapon from pistol ammunition to bombs and airplanes.

An oversimplification is the women during WWII could no longer be the "stay at home mom/wife" they were very used to being. The men were going off to fight the war, but that didn't mean things stopped functioning back in the States. So, the women had to get out there and start filling in for the men; working the kind of jobs that were previously considered to be "men only." Once the draft set in during World War 2 in America, there was hardly any men left to work in the factories and domestic jobs. However, women were able to take what were usually "men" jobs. This allowed America to keep producing weapons and such. Other countries in the war also did this, except some like Germany, which used Jews in labor camps to produce. Japan instead used captured Allied forces and Koreans.

Your question needs to specify which war you are asking about.

they did every kind of exercises they did every kind of exercises

Working and making things in a factory .

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