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You're probably thinking of Toxocara Canis, the common roundworm of the dog. Toxocara eggs are present in the faeces of dogs which have not been treated with the appropriate medication. Total blindness from Toxocara infection is exceptional. It is rare even for the sight of one eye to be totally lost, though vision can be impaired.

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Can adults get worms from dogs?

The answer is NO humans can not get worms from dogs

Why should you treat worms in your pet?

Left untreated, internal parasites like worms can cause your pet significant pain and eventually death due to malnutrition and/or anemia. Some intestinal worms (like hookworms and roundworms in dogs and cats) can also infect humans and cause severe damage to the internal organs.

What the symptom of dog worms?

can worms in dogs cause blindness

What kind of worms transfer from dogs to humans?


What cause dogs to get worms?

hey smell it

Can cheese cause worms in dogs?

No cheese cant cause dogs to have worms, unless you have left it in a place were other animals are likely to do there business on the cheese.

What things eat humans?

Tigers, sharks, worms, dogs, vultures...

What are animals that help humans?

elephants,camels,dogs,rats,and worms

What things cause diarrhea in dogs?

Many things can cause common diarrhea in dogs such as worms, chocolate and coffee.

Do kids get worms that look like worms that come out dogs butt?

Humans are susceptible to roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms, all of which may also infest dogs. However, the human worms and the dog worms are different species and for the most part a worm from a dog cannot infect a human, and vice versa. Humans can also get pinworms, which are not found in dogs.

Can dogs with worms be transmitted to humans?

Yes. Actually, all mammals are born with worms. Worm medicine is available at the drugstore.

Can vinegar kill worms in dogs?

Yes And with humans tooResearch shows that vinegar is dangerous to both animals and humans.

Do intestinal worms cause blood in the dogs stool?

Yes; some of them do.

Are dog worms a danger to humans as ive just rescued 2 dogs?

Yes; they can be.

Do horsehair worms infect humans or dogs?

No, they can only infect suitable insect hosts.

Can dogs cause problems?

Yes, dogs can cause problems including house damage and strains on relationships.

Can dogs have worms in their eyes?

Toxocara, a type of worm larvae, can cause some damage to internal organs leading to pain, asthma and even blindness if they end up in the eye.

Does roundworm infect humans?

Yes, the roundworms that infect cats, dogs and racoons can infect humans who are called abberent hosts. These worms can cause brain damage, liver damage and blindness in humans. A very high percentage of puppies and kittens have these parasites and once in the environment the infective eggs can remain for 10 years or more in the evironment. This is why it is recommended to get puppies and kittens on a deworming program very early and remain on it until started on a monthly heartworm preventative.

Are round worms a danger to humans?

They can be. Roundworms are adapted to infesting dogs and cats primarily, but they can also infest humans. When they do so, they can cause severe problems including visceral larval migrans (when the worms travel through the abdominal organs) and ocular larval migrans (when the worms travle through the eye). Both of these conditions can cause major medical problems, including liver failure, kidney failure and blindness.

What other examples of parasitism?

There are several examples of parasitism in the world. A few are fleas on dogs, round worms in humans, and flat worms in cats.

What can cause diarrhea in dogs?

Diarrhea in dogs can be caused an infection, worms, or diet changes. Another cause can be food allergies. Dogs often eat garbage or food not meant for them, such as chocolate.

Does loud sounds hurt dogs ears?

Yes, a loud noise can damage a dogs ears just as it can with a humans.

Can chese gives dogs worms?

can cheese give dogs worms

Can dogs drink Clorox?

No you cannot let dogs drink Clorox it will cause damage to the organs

Can dogs get worms from cats?

They certainly can. If you know that your cat has worms, you need to treat the cat and the dog, as well as the humans in the household. Some worms, like tapeworm, are easily transmissible across different species.