Johannes Brahms

What kindof instruments did Johannes brahms play?

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Johannes Brahms didn't play violin but played piano. He didn't play the violin but played the piano

No, but he played the piano.

He was, for one, an accomplished pianist.

piano and cello look it up at wiki lol

Clara Schumann played piano; she was the first to play some of Brahms works.

Brahms was a virtuoso Pianist. Like his father, he also played the horn. In his early years, Brahms found employment as a third horn player, as well as piano. Although the valve horn was around at the time, Brahms favored the timbre of the natural horn.

AnswerJohannes Brahms was born in Hamburg. His father, Johann Jakob Brahms, came to Hamburg from Schleswig-Holstein seeking a career as a town musician. He was proficient on several instruments but found employment mostly as a horn player and double bassist. He married Christiane Nissen, a seamstress, who was considerably older than he. They lived in the poor Gngeviertel district of the city, near the docks. Johann Jakob gave his son his first musical training. Brahms showed early promise on the piano (his younger brother Fritz also became a pianist) and helped to supplement the rather meager family income by playing the piano in restaurants and theaters, as well as by teaching. It is a long-told tale that Brahms was forced in his early teens to play the piano in bars that doubled as brothels; recently Brahms scholar Kurt Hoffman has suggested that this legend is false. Since Brahms himself clearly originated the story, however, some have questioned Hoffman's theory.

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brahms was pushed by his father to play the piano for money. so he pretty much just played the piano with a lot of talent:]

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