What kinds of activities do Italians enjoy?

Italians like to do activities with their families and friends. So they like to get together for fun dancing, drinking and eating, listening and playing to music, singing, and talking. They like to go for walks in the parks and mountains. They like to grow and make Italian food from Italian ingredients. They like to make important and special the benchmarks of life, such as confirmations and weddings. They like to meet in outdoor cafes to be seen and to see. They like to run errands in the open air markets. They like to shop in boutiques for some of the fantastic Italian made shoes, clothes, and accessories. They like to spend the weekend in the country. They like to take a month's vacation, usually in August. They like to talk in the particular dialects of their region. They like to watch movies, news, and special shows on television.

In essence, Italians love their country, their culture, their history, and their language. So they love to do activities that remind them of their heritage. Specifically, they love to do what supports and perpetuates their beloved heritage.