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With respect to matter Earth is mostly an system With repect to energy Earth is mostly an system

What percent of the world is Tropical rain forests

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Q: What kinds of animals are protected in US national parks?
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Animal protected by National Parks of India?

animals protected by national parks of india

What are animals and plants best protected in?

national parks

Can you hunt alligators in a national park?

No, all animals are protected in national parks.

Are animals and plants endangered or are they protected by national parks in the tropical rainforest?

They are endanger

How are Californias National Parks protected?

it is protected with snipers watching the animals inside so no one shoots the animals whoever shoots the animals get shot.

What is the importance of protected wildlife sanctuaries and national parks?

parks and sanctuaries are meant for animals as for their safety from hunters therefore parks and sanctuaries are protected as to protect the animals from getting injury or hurt and although their is a ban on hunting

How are elephants being protected?

National parks protect animals when their habitats have been destroyed.

How are National parks protected?

by the law

How do you tell the difference between National and Provincial parks?

There is no real difference but National parks are operated and protected by the Canada's parks while Provincial parks are operated and protected by the provinces that they are in.

What are two benefits provided by protected lands such as national parks?

. What are two benefits provided by protected lands such as national parks? Answer this question…

What are three things protected by a national wildlife refuge?

Some national parks in Africa protect all animals from poaching sucha as Lions, Giraffes, Zebras and other animals found there

How many acres of land in national parks?

The total area protected by national parks is approximately 51.9 million acres

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