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There are numerous 'kinds' of diamonds -- too many to list. The number of diamonds cannot be determined, since not all diamonds have been mined to date.

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Q: What kinds of diamonds are there and how many diamonds are there?
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What kinds of non metal things are mined in Manitoba?

diamonds and stuff like that

What kinds of diamonds are illegal to trade?

Conflict diamonds are only traded illegally. Otherwise, trading in any kind of goods that have been stolen is illegal.

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16 types of diamonds

What are tip diamonds and how many different diamonds are there?

You are probably referencing industrial diamonds, of which are are many, many different types, sizes and descriptions. You can read about the basic categories, below.

What did Ferdinand Magellan find when he got to the new place?

The answer is he found diamonds and all kinds of neat stuff.

How many diamonds are used the US each year?

About 80% of all diamonds mined are industrial diamonds, and these are the most commonly used diamonds everywhere. This use of diamonds is not measured in number of diamonds, but in tons.

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