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Diuretic foods are those that help to increase urination

Salt and Sugar retain water in the body so to eliminate this retained water through urination, you should avoid salts and sugars in your diet. They hide in the ingredients label under many different names, so get familiar with the different types of guises for salts and sugars that way you can better recognize and avoid them.

Some diuretic foods include


Cranberry juice

green tea




brussell sprouts





raw onions


Avoid excessive fruits and carbohydrates and fats if you are trying to lose retained water. There are also many herbs you can take that act as diuretics. These diuretic herbs include coffee, green tea, dill, licorice, rosemary, mint, and probably many more.

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Q: What kinds of food are diuretics?
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loop diuretics loop diuretics The Potassium sparing kind. IE. Hydrochlorothiazide with triamterene or "Dyazide."

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Diuretics may be grouped as potassium-wasting and potassium-sparing. Some are referred to as loop diuretics, osmotic diuretics, and thiazides.

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For patients taking the kinds of diuretics that rob potassium from the body, physicians may recommend adding potassium-rich foods or drinks such as citrus fruits and juices to the diet. Or, they may suggest taking a potassium supplement.

What are the best natural diuretics?

the number 1 diuretics.

What are potassium-sparing diuretics?

Potassium-sparing diuretics prevent the loss of potassium, which is a problem with other types of diuretics

What is laxatives and diuretics?

laxatives make you poo and diuretics make you pee.

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Yes they do! Diuretics are an antihypertensive drug and they cause xerostomia, diuretics increase urine output not increase saliva production.

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By taking a heavy dose of diuretics, a lot of exercise, large quantities of water, and little food.

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DIURETICSDIURETICS ARE used to stimulate the kidneys and rid the body of excess fluid. That's the simple answer. For more info, Google "diuretics" or "hydrochlorothiazide".

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Fruits and vegetables that have a high water content are natural diuretics. The two best fruits and vegetables that are natural diuretics are cucumbers and watermelons.

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