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real estate and engineering were left. real estate was left because people were selling their houses to the banks to get more money to support families. engineering was left, because all the things we run on include some sort of engineering.

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Q: What kinds of jobs were left in the great depression?
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List four ways that the Great Depression had an impact on American life?

The Great Depression left large numbers of Americans without jobs or food.

How did the Great Depression affect men women and children?

The Great Depression affected men, women,and children because they were left with no food to eat and no home to stay in, because their parents didn't have jobs.

How were people affected by the Great Depression?

Everyone was in some way affected during the Great Depression. Most Stock Market investors were left empty handed and blaming the government. Regular commons people were out of jobs and out of money.

Why did people like those in the picture have to line up for free food in the 1930s?

The Great Depression left many without jobs or money.

How can you use the word Great Depression in a sentence?

The Great Depression was a time starting around 1929 and lasting as long as the 1930's and into 1940 in some countries. It was a time when the economy crashed and everyone was horribly poor. Here are some sentences that are true.The banker was so upset when he lost all his money in the Great Depression that he killed himself.During the Great Depression, many people could not find any jobs at all.The Great Depression has left lasting scars that still affect people.

How did the Great Depression affect peoples lives?

The great depression affected a lot of people's lives due to the fact that. Many lost jobs, lost there homes. Basically lost there lives, and had to pick up leave everything behind and start all over again. Trying to survive in the economy that they had left.

How did people escape the Great Depression?

For the most part, there was no escape from the Great Depression. Many left their land and farms in search of other opportunities but it was often a fruitless endeavor.

Why so many suicides during the depression?

Many people were left poor and without jobs. This caused depression among the citizens of the US, and the suicide rate increased as a result.

The Great Depression in the 1920's-1930's?

The great depression in the 1920's about the Utah farms being unable to pay the borrowed money from the bank therefore leading to many farms being morgaged. The Great Depression in the 1920's about the US, many unemployed workers due to many soldiers arriving back from the war and taking over the jobs, tighter expectations and afterdamage from the wars and left many people unemployed.

Did teachers have jobs during the Great Depression?

No, they did not. According to documents, it says that 2,600 schools shut down. That would include many teachers. Some may still have kept that position, but not many schools were left.

How many people were left in poverty during the Great Depression?

1/6 people were poor/unemployed during the great drepression.

How did world war 1 contribute to causing the Great Depression?

Post war reparations had left global economies in ruins and contributed to The Great Depression Protectionism and the stock market collapse also contributed.

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