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real estate and engineering were left. real estate was left because people were selling their houses to the banks to get more money to support families. engineering was left, because all the things we run on include some sort of engineering.

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List four ways that the Great Depression had an impact on American life?

The Great Depression left large numbers of Americans without jobs or food.

How did the Great Depression affect men women and children?

The Great Depression affected men, women,and children because they were left with no food to eat and no home to stay in, because their parents didn't have jobs.

How were people affected by the Great Depression?

Everyone was in some way affected during the Great Depression. Most Stock Market investors were left empty handed and blaming the government. Regular commons people were out of jobs and out of money.

Why did people like those in the picture have to line up for free food in the 1930s?

The Great Depression left many without jobs or money.

How can you use the word Great Depression in a sentence?

The Great Depression was a time starting around 1929 and lasting as long as the 1930's and into 1940 in some countries. It was a time when the economy crashed and everyone was horribly poor. Here are some sentences that are true.The banker was so upset when he lost all his money in the Great Depression that he killed himself.During the Great Depression, many people could not find any jobs at all.The Great Depression has left lasting scars that still affect people.

How did the Great Depression affect peoples lives?

The great depression affected a lot of people's lives due to the fact that. Many lost jobs, lost there homes. Basically lost there lives, and had to pick up leave everything behind and start all over again. Trying to survive in the economy that they had left.

How did people escape the Great Depression?

For the most part, there was no escape from the Great Depression. Many left their land and farms in search of other opportunities but it was often a fruitless endeavor.

Why so many suicides during the depression?

Many people were left poor and without jobs. This caused depression among the citizens of the US, and the suicide rate increased as a result.

Did teachers have jobs during the Great Depression?

No, they did not. According to documents, it says that 2,600 schools shut down. That would include many teachers. Some may still have kept that position, but not many schools were left.

The Great Depression in the 1920's-1930's?

The great depression in the 1920's about the Utah farms being unable to pay the borrowed money from the bank therefore leading to many farms being morgaged. The Great Depression in the 1920's about the US, many unemployed workers due to many soldiers arriving back from the war and taking over the jobs, tighter expectations and afterdamage from the wars and left many people unemployed.

How many people were left in poverty during the Great Depression?

1/6 people were poor/unemployed during the great drepression.

How did world war 1 contribute to causing the Great Depression?

Post war reparations had left global economies in ruins and contributed to The Great Depression Protectionism and the stock market collapse also contributed.

How did World War 2 change life for women in America?

Since many men left their jobs to help fight for America, many occupations became empty. Eventually, women started getting jobs and working in offices to take the place of the men, and bankruptcy & The Great Depression ended.

Migrant farmworkers who left the dust bowl during the great depression to seek work elsewhere?


Who were the Migrant farmworkers who left the dust bowl during the Great Depression to seek work elsewhere?


Why were so many workers able to build roadways during the 1930s?

It was called 'relief work' - the Great Depression had left so many people without jobs that governments employed them doing public works, including building roads.

What states had depression during the Great Depression?

Germany was in a really ad great depression because they had to pay reparations for WW1. They were already in debt but WW1 dropped them so bad. Germany was a country that was heavily injured and many countries were part of the great depression. France because lots of fighting took place and left them in an undesirable condition. Hoped i helped. all of the world was affected by the great depression. So... all of the States were affected... as well as Canada, Sweden and other countries

How long was president Herbert Hoover in office during the Great Depression?

If you say the Great Depression began with the Black Tuesday stock market crash on October 29, 1929, then Hoover, who left office on March 4. 1933 was in office during 3 years and 4 months of the depression.

What were living conditions during Great Depression?

The Great Depression was a huge economic disaster. The stock market crash of 1929, also known as "Black Tuesday", was the start of the Great Depression. It began in 1929 and went into the late 1930's. North America, Europe, and other industrialized nations were all involved in the Great Depression. Life during the Great Depression was unbearable for everyone. It had a tremendous impact on the whole entire nation. The economy had no money in it which led to tons of problems for everyone. People were losing their jobs left and right. Immigrants were coming in from other countries and offering to work for almost nothing and taking all of the jobs. Businesses and factories would hire the immigrants because they were saving tons of money by hiring them. People were being fired from their jobs and could not afford to give their families food and shelter. No one could find jobs because there were no jobs available. The unemployment rate was at its highest and the jobs available were at it‘s lowest. Millions of Americans went hungry because they had no money for food and the food was being rationed. The lack of food is one of the things that caused people's health to decline, both physically and mentally. People had very poor diets and were not getting the nutrition they needed. The poor living conditions that they had to endure caused sickness and disease to spread around. They couldn't afford medical care and the medical care standards were not where they should have been. A lot of people were stressed and becoming severely depressed and attempting suicide. The nation eventually recovered from the Great Depression into what it is now. Things are much better now than they were back then during the Great Depression. The economy has money in it now.

What is the Great Depression invisible scar?

The invisible scar is what was left on the people. It is a feeling that stuck with people till there dying day to continue working and not be poor and homeless. After the great depression people would not trust banks some stuffed it in their matress.

What is the Nickname of a migrant worker who left the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression?

I think you're looking for the word "Okie."

What was the name shanty towns that were built as temporary residences for the many people who were left homeless during The Great Depression?


How did American government leader initially react to the Great Depression?

Governments reacted disappointed because they were afraid they wouldn't have $$$ left

Which president left the office during the great depression?

Hoover was at the start, and then FDR became President and was President until his death.

How is depression treatable?

There are a number of different kinds of depression and a number of ways to treat depression. A person can be depressed because of the circumstances of his or her life, and those circumstances can change. Usually the remedy is obvious. If you are depressed because your girlfriend left you, you may be able to find another girlfriend. There is also depression that is caused by mental illness, and there are psychiatric drugs which are effective in treating that kind of depression. These can be prescribed by a psychiatrist.