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Do worms eat grains?

Yes, many kinds of worms and grubs eat grains.

What to warms eat?

worms eat plants and dirt

What plants do worms eat?

Leaves.. =))

Do worms only eat plants?


Do spiders eat?

do plants or worms or spiders or incets eat

Do woodpecker eat plants?

no they oly eat worms and bugs

Do sparrows eat plants?

no they eat worms and other bugs.

Do dear eat worms?

no. deer eat plants only

Can you get worms if you eat sweets?

No, worms eat a variety of decomposing plants, animals, ground fungus, and leaves.

Do worms eat onion?

There are all different kinds of worms. There is a type of worm that will eat vegetables. Even the odd onion.

What sea worms eat?

water plants

What types of plants do gazelles eat?

They eat all kinds of plants.

What plants do foxes eat?

yes they eat all kinds of plants

What kinds of food do desert hedgehog eat?

mill worms

What kind of food does ladybugs eat?

They Eat Mites, Fruit Worms (Lots of kinds of worms) And Small Insects.... Mostly Bugs

What does earth worms eat?

they eat plants and stuff found in dirt?

Do crickets eat worms?

mmm, no, I heard they eat plants in the night

Do rabbits eat worms?

They eat clover, grass, and other plants.

Do marine worms eat dolphin carcase?

NO! they are vegetarians. They eat plants

Do grasshoppers' eat worms?

Grasshoppers do not eat worms because grasshoppers are herbivores and only eat plants.

Do quails eat worms?

Yes, I do believe they will eat worms. They also eat various kinds of berries, especially grass seeds and sometimes the occasional insect.

What kinds of plants do dinosaurs eat?

herbivous plants

Do worms eat cactus plants?

no. but moth larvae does

Are Worms carnavours?

no they are not they eat plants some of them are tough :]

Does a duck eat plants and animals?

Ducks eat worms and other ground bugs. They also eat plants such as algae.

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