What kinds of problems do computers cause?

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Why are computer problems caused by the changes in Daylight Saving Time?

Should Not Have Any Problems . The change to Daylight Saving Time should not cause any problems with your computer, although if you don't have your settings set to adjust for DST, you will have to manually reset the time.. You can set your computer to automatically adjust to DST by double-clicki ( Full Answer )

What kind of health problems does air and water pollution cause?

Air pollution can cause health problems that include: . breathing problems . asthma . lung damage . irritated eyes . stuffy nose . reduced resistance to colds and infections . premature aging of lung tissue Water pollution can cause: . illness from bacteria and other pathogens . illness a ( Full Answer )

What kind of problems did opium cause in china?

The opium war mainly began because of the British and China having an opium trade for tea. The British would get there tea if China got there opium. but the cause of the war was that china wouldn't accept opium anymore, and the british wern't okay with that.

What problems does a computer cause?

Computers do not cause problems; the human operators of computers cause problems. Though if you need an answer; in the beginning there were many concerns about computers and the Internet making libraries obsolete, and or literature altogether… And of course there will be future concerns such as ( Full Answer )

What kind of problems are gypsy moths causing in Chicago?

Gypsy moth caterpillars can damage trees by eating their leaves.The city of Chicago has maintained a pest control strategy that hasso far prevented gypsy moths from causing many problems in Chicago.

What kind of problems is North Korea causing in the world today?

Trying to get Nuclear and spreading know-how to terrorist regims. North Korea is not the cause of the problem:. The problem was caused, by those who opened up nuclar power, and dropped the ultimate Terror Weapon. They are the problem!. Korea is but a tiny nation, standing up to have the same righ ( Full Answer )

What kind of medical problems are caused by smoking?

\n. \nSmoking cause lung cancer, and oral cancer! I makes you talk weird and You teeth turn yellow\n. \n. \n. \nSmoking can cause many risks of heart decease, lung cancer, and bad blood flow. Also, tobacco use can cause premature aging. if you dont know what that is, it makes you look older than ( Full Answer )

What kind of problems do floods cause?

Main problems to be caused can be destroyed homes, schools, public places, killing human beings animals or any living thing and transport being washed away.

How does acid rain form and what kinds of problems can it cause?

Acid rain causes erosion on buildings, making them weaker. It makes them demolished easier. The acid rain pollutes the rivers which harms fishes, the acid affects the fishes. The acid rain also harms plants, it destroys their photosynthesis. Acid rain is when the acid are let out of factory. The ( Full Answer )

What kind of problems do navel rings cause?

Navel rings don't actually cause any trouble, it's the mis use of the aftercare routeen and user error that causes the problem. Navel piercings need to be clean and they need fresh air in order to heal, more often than not people wear tight clothing and cover the piercing for hours on end thus not a ( Full Answer )

What kinds of problems does asbestos cause?

Asbestos can be the cause of: . lung cancer (can be confounded with other environmental exposures), . asbestosis ( today considered to be rare), and . mesothelioma (cancer of lining of the lung).

Does toshiba computers cause kidney problems?

During normal, or even the vast majority of abnormal use, no computer can cause kidney problems. Unless, of course, you're eating and/or licking parts that contain lead and/or other toxic chemicals. If you spend an extreme amount of time handling soldered components then it's possible, but to do ( Full Answer )

What kind of problems did romes size cause for its emperors?

The sheer size of the Roman empire brought problems in communications, troop movements and tax gathering and distribution. Even though the Roman roads were excellent, an imperial messenger sill had to travel them on horseback and sometimes grab a ship if he were going to say, Britain or Egypt. Milit ( Full Answer )

What are factions in government and what kind of problems can they cause?

Factions are a group of people with interests that are a like. A lot of times in government they will use legislation to protect factions. If the factions do not represent the broad political attitude of the national as a whole and they are given too many special protections it could be an issue, bu ( Full Answer )

What kind of health problems can stress cause?


Can vacuums cause problems to your computer?

What you need to be careful of is the static charge build up. If you are going to use your vac to suck up dust make sure that your computer remains grounded and also make sure that you don't rub on the motherboard and break something off.

What kind of problems is the volcano in Iceland causing?

The volcanic ash contains fluoride, which is poisonous. Animals, such as cattle and horses, eat the ash that has settled on the grass and get poisoned. Flights have also been cancelled due to the ash.

What kind of problems can a land fill cause?

A lanfill can cause houses not to be built on top of the soil and no gardening can be done on it it would have to be covered with tarmac and if you dig up or brake the tarmac then you will find rubbish and dirt

What kind of health problems can enlarged cells cause?

It is called hypertrophy problems can arise with biological variability is heart size. If the heart is subjected to a greater than normal burden over a long period, it can respond by growing larger (the process is known as hypertrophy). This occurs in certain forms of heart disease, especially in t ( Full Answer )

What problems can cause the computer to halt during the boot process?

There are too many options to list them. If you ask a question like this again, try to describe it as exact and detailed as possible: When does your computer halts during booting? (while checking the devices, loading the operating system, ...) Did you change something on the computer since the last ( Full Answer )

What are the problems that can be caused by a computer by a computer virus?

if u mean what can they do to your computer there are many many things . delete files . copy files . share personal info . steal bank details . publish personal files . monitor what you go on . make you buy things and charge u alot . but worse, they can ruin your machine making it un-usabl ( Full Answer )

What kinds of problems did Romes size cause for its emperor?

It was basically too big to govern. The soldiers couldn't be everywhere at once, so they might be busy while the barbarians got through the borders. Plus, the emperor was struggling to pay his soldiers. Less soldiers= less defence.

How can the use of the computers cause public safety problems?

If you use computers while driving, you could become distracted an get into a collision with another vehicle or harm a pedestrian. Besides using them in the wrong place or at the wrong time, deliberate misuse of computers can cause safety problems as well. Cyberbullying can lead to suicide and heal ( Full Answer )

What kind of problems can high arches cause?

Individuals with high arches may experience noticeable pain in the foot due to pressure being put on the area between the ankle and toes. Those with high arches often require supportive footwear.

What kind of problems can confounding variables cause?

Confounding variables are factors that can cause problems inscientific studies by skewing results and leading to wrongconclusions. So scientists always try to isolate and account forall the possible outside influencing variables they can think of.In drug testing studies for example, subjects are scr ( Full Answer )

What kind of problem did Rome's size cause the emperor?

The size of the Roman Empire made it very difficult to defend its vast frontiers from invasions. It also required a massive army. The Roman government came to a point where it could hardly afford the expenses of paying the soldiers and supplying the army. This led to oppressive taxation regimes whic ( Full Answer )

How does acid rain form and what kinds of problems can it cause-?

Acid rain forms when chemical substances from industries are released into the atmosphere then mixes with moisture and form clouds, later condenses to form rain and fall backs as acid rain.It causes death of marine animals and also rusting of steel.