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Friction is the act of one surface rubbing against another. To reduce friction, use something that offers a small amount of friction. Smoother substances reduce friction. A way to reduce friction is to use something which offers a small amount of friction. For example, you could use something like plastic or glass. Water, most liquids and different types of oil reduce friction. Powder, oil and grease are used in between surfaces to also reduce friction.

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Q: What kinds of substance reduce friction?
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What is a lubercant?

a "lubricant" is a friction-reducing substance: a substance, typically oil or grease, applied to a surface to reduce friction between moving parts

What do you call a substance that is put on surfaces to reduce the friction between a surface?


What do you call a substance that is put on surface to reduce the friction between the surfaces?


What does reduce the force of friction mean?

it means enabling a substance to move more frequently on a surface a friction is a force which resists the movement of an object

Does sand reduce friction?

No, sand does not reduce friction but increase friction.

How can you reduce and increase friction?

Lubrication to reduce friction. To increase friction step on the brakes.

Why are lubricants effective in reducing friction?

A lubricantis a substance introduced to reduce friction between moving surfaces. It may also have the function of transporting foreign particles. The property of reducing friction is known as Lubricity. (Slipperiness) This causes less friction.

What are the kinds of friction?

the kinds of friction are dry friction,fluid friction,lubricated friction,skin friction and internal friction. 80409e2d-12a3-4f5b-ba94-08ddbe6232dc 1.03.01

Do wheels reduce friction?

yes because when they brake the friction is caused to reduce

What are the ways of increasing and reducing friction?

TO REDUCE FRICTION: We can use fine powder on the carrom board to reduce friction

What kind of friction can help reduce friction?

I never heard of friction reducing friction. You can reduce friction by using lubricants, as well as using wheels (as in ball bearings).

How does oil reduce air friction?

Oil is mainly used to reduce friction between contacting surface, e.g., metal on metal - not to reduce air friction.