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Oil is used to reduce friction.

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it makes friction

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Q: What does a bit of oil reduce in science?
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Why is Science important in Medicine?

There is surprisingly little science in medicine, its mostly empirical. But a bit of science would reduce the error rates, and would probably lower costs. But the lawyers are happy the way it is.

What would you put in water so it doesnt evaporate?

A bit of oil on the surface reduce water evaporation.

What is the benefit to putting oil on a drill bit?

When you drill into something a lot of heat is created due to friction. The heat will cause both the drill bit and the material you are drilling to expand. Especially if you are drilling metal, adding oil will reduce friction, and prevent the drill bit from seizing up in the hole due to the expansion of the bit.

How do oil companies use science?

Oil Companies use science by burning oil, which is a chemical reaction and therefore is science. :D

Can you use canola oil instead of margarine in a box cake mix?

It would probably work out fine, but margarine loses a bit of volume when heated so you may wish to very slightly reduce the amount of oil.

How does oil reduce air friction?

Oil is mainly used to reduce friction between contacting surface, e.g., metal on metal - not to reduce air friction.

What is sprayed on surface water to reduce evaporation?

An oil reduce evaporation.

How can you reduce false assumptions in science class?


How do you reduce the friction in a machine?

Oil it

Can you substitute oil for butter in a baking recipe?

YES! For cakes and breads there shouldn't be a problem. You can't really use oil in most cookies. You would probably want to reduce other liquids just a little bit depending on the recipe.

Is astronomy an earth science?

A tiny bit, but mainly it's a space science.

Is criminology science or an art?

It's a little bit of both, neither science nor art. It is more of a social science.