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Multiple people; the Tudor family ruled for a good part of it though-

Henry VII, Henry VIII, and Elizabeth I

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Q: What king ruled over England during the Renaissance?
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Who was king in England during the Renniassance?

There were multiple kings in England during the Renaissance period. King Henry VIII and Edward VI both ruled in the Renaissance period.

Which frankish king ruled the carolingian renaissance?

Charlemagne was the frankish king that ruled during The Carolingian Renaissance.

How was England ruled during the Victorian times?

KING Henry

Which king ruled England during the plauge?

James 1

What happened during 1000 AD?

king Alfred ruled over England

What king ruled over France during the Renaissance?

It started during Charles VIII's rule til Henry IV's death.

How many King Stephens have ruled England?

There was only one King Stephen who ruled England. He was king in the 11th century

Is King Edward part of the Renaissance?

There were many king Edwards, all of England, and none in France. The only Edward that can possibly be linked to the renaissance, Edward VI of England, only ruled for 6 years (1547 - 1553) and was underage during his reign. The English renaissance was just starting at that time. Ill leave it up to you to decide whether he was part of the renaissance or not. His reign took place in its era, but he himself did not contribute anything to it.

What was the hierachy in England during the 1550's?

The hierachy in England during the 1550's was a monarchy ruled by King Henrey VIII.

Who ruled in England in 1920?

King George V ruled England in 1920.

Who was king during the Carolingian Renaissance?

The king during the Carolingian Renaissance was called Charlemagne.

The man who ruled England when there was no king or queen?

Oliver Cromwell ruled England when there was no king or queen from 1649-1660

Is it true the Carolina colony was owend and ruled by the king of England?

in 1663 the carolina colony was it owned and ruled by the king of england

Who ruled England in 1799?

In 1799, england was ruled by the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, king George III.

Who ruled England in 1348?

Edward III was the King of England in 1348, and ruled over it as such in 1348.

Who ruled England during war of independent?

King George III, ( mad, king George) if it's the American war of Independence,

Who ruled England during the years Jamestown and Plymouth were settled?

i believe it was king James i am not very sure

Who ruled England in 1613?

James I was King of England in 1613.

Was America first ruled by the king of England?

King George

What country was also ruled by James I while he was the King of England?

King James also ruled Scotland.

Who was a Danish king who ruled England and after his death Danish control of England ended?

King Harthacnut

Who ruled over great Britain and the british colonies during the revolutionary war?

King George III of England

Who was king in the years 1343 to1400 in England?

During the 15th century, the Plantagenets ruled England. Between 1343 and 1400 Edward III (r. 1327-1377) and Richard II (r.1377-1399) ruled England.

Who ruled England before 1066?

Edward the Confessor was King of England until 1066, when he was overthrown during the Norman Conquest and replaced by William the Conqueror. He was the last King of the House of Wessex.

Who ruled England in 1603-1625?

King James I ruled England in 1603-1625 when Elizabeth I died.