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Plantae Kingdom (Plants)

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Q: What kingdoms have organisms that cellulose in their cell walls?
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What kingdoms organisms have no cell walls?


From which organisms is cellulose obtained?

Any type of plant uses cellulose to support its cell walls.

Both plants and fungi have cell walls made up of cellulose True or False?

False, there are some fungi-like organisms with cellulose, but true fungi do not have cellulose in the cell walls.

What organisms contain cell walls with cellulose?

The Plant Kingdom

Which is these organisms has the most complex cell wall?

Plants and fungi have cell walls. Note that while plants have cell walls made of cellulose, fungi cell walls are made of chitin.

What are some organisms that contain cellulose?

Cellulose is hard to digest plant material found in plants such as grass and leaves.Herbivores such as Cows and giraffes can digest cellulose.certain types of bacteria can digest cellulose as well.

What substance make cell walls strong?

cellulose is the strong substance that makes up cell walls.

All organisms whose cells are bounded by cell walls are called?

Plants, algae, fungi and bacteria all have cell walls. Animal cells do not have cell walls. Plants have cell walls made of cellulose, hemicellulose and pectin. In true fungi they are usually made of chitin, in algae they are made of a polysaccharide (like cellulose) or a glycoprotein, and bacteria have a peptidoglycan wall.

What is the component of plant cell walls?

Cellulose ;D

What plants cell walls are made of?

a thick, rigid membrane of cellulose fiber.

What organism have cellulose in their cell wall?

Cellulose is the main component of plant cell walls.

How do the cell walls of fungi differ from the cell walls of plants?

They differ because fungus cell walls are made of chitin whereas plant's cell walls are made of cellulose