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This is a stand.

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How is glass tubing cut in the chemistry lab?

We can use a diamond (or other very hard material) knife glass cutter.

Use of ring clamp in lab?

It is used by retort stands to hold a test tube or a glass container in a lab.

What cellular structure is the dialysis tubing representing in this lab?

The cell membrane :]

What is an evaporated dish used for?

An evaporating dish is one of the apparatuses in the science lab and it is used to evaporate a liquid from a solution.

What type of glass can heated in a lab?

Glassware for the laboratories are made from borosilicate thermoresistant glass.

What is used to hold a variety of lab equipment?

A lab stand is used to hold a variety of lab equipment. (:

What are lab apparatus that made of glass?

Glass is transparent

What is the most used apparatus in a chemistry lab?

The most commonly used apparatus used in chemistry labs are beakers, round-bottomed flasks, glass bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks and wash bottles. Some of the other most used apparatuses used are microscopes.

What is the function of glass rod in lab?

It is used for grinding and mixing chemicals in lab.

What should you do when you break glassware in a lab?

Let your instructor know. Put glass in broken glass container located in lab. Follow your teachers instructions.

Why is it important to know the names and the uses of the different laboratory apparatuses?

when you are able to familiarize with lab equipment, it makes it alot easier to perform experiments and follow you instructor.

In a lab what would i use to measure a 10 cm length of dialysis tubing?

A meter ruler or a tape measure

What is a special glass that most beakers are made of?

Chemistry lab beakers may be made of borosilicate glass, including Pyrex. The glass is less likely to break when subjected to the temperature extremes found in lab work.

Can lab created diamonds cut glass?


Where was the Google glass invented?

Google Glass was created back in 2010 in Google's X Lab.

What attaches to a lab stand?

it is a clamp witch attaches to a lab stand to hold stuff on it

What attaches to a lab stand and used to hold a variety of lab equipment?

A Ring Clamp

What is glass rod used for in science lab?

glass rods are used for mixing substances because glass is a very stable substance

What is a glass stir and what is it used for?

Glass stir is a lab equipment used to stir chemicals. It's made from glass, because most substances do not react with glass.

What base can dissolve glass?

Bases don't dissolve glass; this is one of the reasons why lab equipment is made of it.

What is a hot plate and how is it used in the laboratory?

a hot plate is a flat surface that can be heated to heat materials,glass containers that hold liquids,and in general just to heat things found in a lab.

How is fluorine stored in a lab as it cannot be stored in glass?

it is stored in a lab in metal containers and/or in steal container b/c it reacts chemically with other glass, water, plastic...

Who invented shatterproof glass?

Laminated glass or shatter proof glass was invented by Edouard Benedictus. It was invented in 1903 in France, inspired by a lab accident.

What is a TONGS used for in a lab?

to hold heated chemicals

What is the history of the Beaker?

These men shaped glass to a beaker to use it in the lab.