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no, he preserved it and after he died it was kept in a library

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Samuel Pepys wrote his diary in English. It provides valuable insights into 17th-century English society, including the Great Plague and the Great Fire of London. Pepys used a simple and colloquial writing style in his diary.

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He buryed some cheese and some wine

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Q: What language was Samuel pepys diary in?
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When did Samuel pepys start his diary?

Samuel Pepys started his diary in 1660

In the diary of Samuel pepys what are his personality traits?

Samuel Pepys was curious, ambitious, and thorough in documenting his daily life and experiences. He showed a keen interest in various subjects, from politics to personal affairs, and was determined to improve his social status and career. Pepys was also known for his honesty and candidness in recounting both his triumphs and failures.

Where is Samuel pepy's diary kept?

Samuel Pepys' diary is kept at the Pepys Library at Magdalene College in Cambridge, England. The library holds the original handwritten diary that Pepys kept from 1660 to 1669. Access to the diary is restricted and requires permission from the library.

Who are five famous authors of diaries and what are the names of their diaries?

Anne Frank - "The Diary of a Young Girl" Samuel Pepys - "The Diary of Samuel Pepys" Virginia Woolf - "A Writer's Diary" John Adams - "The Adams Family Papers: The Diaries of John Adams" Anais Nin - "Diary of Anais Nin"

When this excerpt from The Diary of Samuel Pepys ends Pepys greatest concern is the?

Safety of his valuables

Who called the diary a diary?

who invented the diary

Kept a diary recording daily events?

Samuel Pepys

Who's diary describes the great fire of london?

Samuel Pepys

Who was Samuel Pepys mum?

Samuel Pepys' mother's name was Margaret Pepys (nÊe Kite). She was married to John Pepys and had several children, including Samuel Pepys, who is known for his detailed diary chronicling life in 17th century London.

Which of Pepys entries was the most interesting in The Diary of Samuel Pepys?

One of the most interesting entries in The Diary of Samuel Pepys is the one where he describes the Great Fire of London in 1666. Pepys vividly recounts the chaos, destruction, and personal anguish caused by the fire, providing a firsthand account of this historic event.

What did Samuel Pepys have to say about charlesles ii?

Samuel pepys thought highly of King Charles as he said nothing negotive about him in his diary at the time of Charles' resoration.

In the diary of Samuel pepys why were the people flinging their pocessions into the thames river?

In the Diary of Samuel Pepys everyone threw their belongings in the Thames River to prevent their items from being burned in the great fire of London in 1666.