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The early transcription of literature was typically done in languages such as Latin, Greek, Old English, and Hebrew, depending on the time period and region. These languages were commonly used in medieval manuscripts and early printed books before translations into other languages became more prevalent.

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Q: What language was used in the early transcription of literature?
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How is denotative language used in literature?

to shoe the dictionary used in literature

What early civilization used sanskrit writing?

The early civilization that used Sanskrit writing was the ancient Indus Valley civilization. Sanskrit, which is an ancient Indo-Aryan language, was used to write religious texts and literature in this civilization.

What language is associated with Nath literature?

Nath literature is primarily written in the Braj language, which is a dialect of Hindi. It is a language that has been traditionally used by the Nath yogis for their philosophical and spiritual teachings.

How is figurative language used is literature?

To influence or persuade the reader.

Is literature language?

Literature is a form of language used to express ideas, emotions, and stories through written or spoken words. It is a creative use of language to convey meaning and evoke feelings in readers or listeners.

What is the relationships between language and literature?

Language is the basics. This includes grammar, punctuation etc. Though English Literature always has three elements; Poetry, Prose(includes novels and all types of stories)and last of all Drama. Now as you say the relationship between Language and Literature is basically that Language Skills is USED IN Literature. Hope I Helped!*PleaseRate*

Which president used language to great effect American literature?

Abraham Lincoln

What do you call literature written in the spoken language of the people?

You call literature written in the spoken language of the people vernacular literature. It often reflects the everyday language and expressions used by a particular group or community, making it more accessible and relatable to a wider audience.

What is the language of orissa?

The language spoken in Orissa is Odia. It is the official language of the state and is widely used in daily communication, literature, and media.

Did early humans use sign language to comunicate?

It is possible that early humans used some form of sign language to communicate before the development of spoken language. However, there is limited evidence to definitively prove this. Some research suggests that gestures and body language may have played a role in early human communication.

What is Kokugo?

Kokugo is the Japanese term for the Japanese language. It is often used to refer to the study of the Japanese language and literature within Japan.

What adjectives are used to describe the language used in literature?

Anything from flowery to staid - and many more outside that range probably.