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What languages are read from right to left?


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AnswerBoth Arabic and Hebrew, and the non-Semitic languages using the Arabic or the Hebrew alphabet, such as Persian and Yiddish, are written from right to left (except for their numbers!). Urdu which is also derived from Arabic and Persian language and ancient indo - aryan language binti is written from right to left. Ancient Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek and the oldest Latin could be written in both directions.

Also Chinese and Japanese can be written right to left (also written from top to bottom, vertically).

Korean is NOT written from right to left


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For starters, the old language of China is read from right to left

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The Hebrew and Arabic languages, among others, are written and read from right to left. People who read those languages, regardless of their religious persuasion, read them from right to left. Most Judaic languages (Hebrew, Judeo-Aramaic Yiddish, Ladino, Yevanic, and Judeo-Arabic) are written with the Hebrew alphabet. Since the Hebrew alphabet goes from right to left, the languages are read in that direction. Most Jews also speak a vernacular language such as English, French, Spanish, Russian, or Arabic. With the exception of Arabic, most of the vernacular languages are read from left to right and, therefore, Jews read them from left to right.

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Israel doesn't read. But a great majority of its population are educated, literate people ... the highest in that part of the world, in fact ... and there are a great many languages read by the people who live there. Some languages read from left to right, others read from right to left, and there are even a few that read from top to bottom. The languages that are spoken and read by the greatest number of people in Israel are the three official and semi-official languages of the country, and here are their directions: -- Arabic . . . . . official . . . . . right to left -- Hebrew. . . . official . . . . . right to left -- English . . . semi-official . . left to right

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Languages that use the Hebrew and Arabic alphabets are written from right to left.

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I know Hebrew and Arabic.

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