What languages are spoken by Choctaw Indians?

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The Choctaw people speak English and Choctaw.

Choctaw is still spoken by about 10,000 people, which is about 6% of the population.
Choctaw spoke the Choctaw language
Many Choctaw speak Choctaw. This language, like many other Native American languages, are being spoken as both first and second languages, by both native and non-native speakers. Choctaw is both a name for a tribe and a language. The Choctaw language is of the Muskogean family, and has influenced and been influenced by Cherokee. Special Note: U.S. President Andrew Jackson learned Choctaw fluently.
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What languages are spoken by the Algonquin Indians?

Many people are confused about the term "Algonquin", which really refers to just one small tribe living along the Ottawa River valley in Canada, where they have always lived and still live today. The similar word Algonqui a n refers to a huge family of distantly related languages spoken by many t ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken by Sioux Indians?

The Sioux spoke French, English and their Native language which is Sioux ( which was named after them) . they speak sioux, which has 3 dialects- nakota, lakotah, and dakotah.

What languages are spoken by Cherokee Indians?

Tsalagi The language that was spoken by the Cherokees is their own nativelanguage. This was a language that was unique. The Cherokee speak, or spoke, around 23 different dialects of "Tsalagi" (Cherokee). Cherokee's spoke (at least) 23 different dialects of Tsalagi.

What languages are spoken by Navajo Indians?

The Navajo speak their own language, which called Navajo inEnglish, Dine' bizaad in Navajo. Most also speak English. About 3%of the population of 300,000 speak only Navajo. About 1/3 don'tspeak any Navajo. The rest are bilingual, some very fluently , somenot as good in one or the other language. Nav ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken by the Adena Indians?

The Adena used the language which Ulm created callled Ulm language of the Adena's,the same with the Hopewell.Ulm language is used in the continental United States(Ulm) where the Adena and Hopewell are.

What languages were spoken by Hopewell Indians?

The Hopewell Culture represented dozens of different tribes andlanguages, but since none of them had any system of writing, thereis no information about what languages they spoke.

What languages are spoken by Plains Indians?

It can't be said any specific particular language because it is varied as per location. These are the language is spoken Algonquian, Chinookan, Siouan, Athabascan, Aleut, and Uto-Aztecan but it depends on locations

What languages were spoken by Iroquois Indians?

The people we know today as "The Iroquois" are really six differenttribes speaking different languages. Five of these are closelyrelated to each other but certainly not the same: Onondaga, Oneida,Mohawk, Seneca and Cayuga. The sixth tribe, the Tuscarora, are alsoclassed as "Iroquoian" but they origi ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken by Adena Indians?

The Adena Indians are a culture which dates back into prehistorictimes. Very little is known about them outside of thearchaeological findings which have been unearthed. No one is surewhat language the ancient Adena people may have spoken.

How do you say 'I love you' in the Choctaw Indian language?

Please note there are 4 distinct dialects of Choctaw, so there could be 4 different answers to this question and all would be correct. I have added a confirmed and unconfirmed section to denote 3rd party confirmation of these sayings; that does not mean that the others are incorrect, just unconfirm ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Chumash Indians?

The Chumash of California are classified as speaking a Hokanlanguage which was made up of various dialects - in the Santa YnezValley the language was called S h amala , whichwas also the native name for themselves. Other dialects are todaycalled Purisimeno, Ventureno, Barbareno, Obiospeno and oth ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Pueblo Indians?

The Pueblo tribes (plural) spoke numerous different languages. There are four tribes of Eastern Pueblo Indians, the Keres, the Tewa, Tiwa, and Towa, while the Western Pueblos are represented by two tribes, the Hopi,and the Zuni. Keresan is a unique language unrelated to any other. Tewa, Tiwa a ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken by Oneida Indians?

For trade they spoke English or French Answer: The Oneida spoke Onieda, one of the Iroquoian languages spoken in the eastern US and southeast Canada. Oneida was one of the Lake Iroquoian Languages which included Mohawk and Oneida

What languages are spoken by Cayuga Indians?

The Cayuga's speak one of the many Iroquois dialects. There is a good wikipedia article on the subject at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cayuga_language

What languages were spoken by Natchez Indians?

The Natchez Indians spoke the Natchez language, which is a language isolate, meaning that there were no other closely related languages spoken. The Natchez never called it "Natchez", but rather we:Lhaki:sa or 'the language'.

What languages are spoken by Natchez Indians?

People of Natchez Indian ancestry living today, if they speak a language other than English, speak Creek (Muskogee) or Cherokee. The last speaker of the Natchez language, Watt Sam, who died in 1965, not only spoke both Creek and Cherokee (and was literate in both languages), but some English, Chick ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Kwakwaka'wakw Indians?

Kwakiutl people speak English today, but some Kwakiutls, especiallyelders, also speak their native Kwakiutl language .Kwakiutl is a complicated language with many sounds that don'texist in English you'd like to know an easy Kwakiutl word,"gilakasla" (sounds a little like gee-lah-kah-slah, with a ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Pomo Indians?

They had a native language, but did learn Spanish because of the interaction with Spanish settlement. The Pomo people spoken seven different Pomoan dialects: Northern Pomo, Northeastern Pomo, Eastern Pomo, Southeastern Pomo, Central Pomo, Southern Pomo, and Kashaya. The language family is also known ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Kiowa Indians?

Today they speak English. Historically they spoke Kiowa (Khoiye orKaegua). This is not closely related to any other language. A few words in Kiowa are: . kxai-hehn = a man . khaw khaw = mother . p'ah gaw = one . yee - two . pahn-owe = three . yee-kiah = four . tsah-doe = prairie dog ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken by Powhatan Indians?

The Powhatan language is classified as Algonqui a n (not Algonquin), meaning that it is distantly related to the language spoken by the Algonquin tribe of Canada. It is one of the Virginia Algonquian group of languages and was made up of many different dialects (not surprisingly, since the Powhatan ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken by Mingo Indians?

iroquoian The Mingo (or Black Minqua) were originally a mixture of several independent Iroquioan tribes located in Pennsylvania and Ohio. They were later joined by other Iroquoians forced westward into the Ohio country during and after the American War of Independence. These included Senecas and som ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Tuscarora Indians?

The Tuscarora speak Tuscarora, it is a dialect belonging to the Iroquoian family. There are almost a dozen known versions of the Iroquoian language, unfortunately many are instinct. With the Tuscarora having less than 5 Tuscarora speakers left... related languages include but not limited to are; Nor ( Full Answer )

What are the Indian spoken languages and their scripts?

There are above 1,600 spoken languages in India; out of which 452 are listed. The number of scheduled official languages are 28; Hindi, Sanskrit, Assamese, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Urdu... etc. English is the 'subsidiary official language'. Scrip ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Huron Indians?

The Huron (or Wyandot or Wendat) language is classified as"Iroquoian", meaning that it is distantly related to Erie, Petun,Susquehanna and the languages spoken by the Iroquois tribes. Thisdoes not mean that a Huron could have a conversation with a Senecaor Cayuga, for example - all three languages w ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken by Waxhaw Indians?

Very little information is known about the Waxhaw and their close neighbours the Sugeree, but some experts claim they were related to the Catawba and therefore part of the Siouan language family. By 1715 the Waxhaw and the Sugeree had been almost destroyed in the Yamasee War and the small remnant jo ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Wampanoag Indians?

an algonquian language Today all wampanoags speak English however in the past there native language was Wampanoag They spoke their native language, Wampanoag language(Massachusett). Today, they speak english.

What languages were spoken by Cheyenne Indians?

The people we call Cheyenne spoke two closely related languages: Cheyenne and So'taa'e (sometimes written Suhtaio). These were long ago two different tribes who at some point joined together and by the 1800s were living together as one people, but still keeping their own dialects. Where a Cheyenn ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Menominee Indians?

The Menominee tribe spoke the Algonquian language in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan. Not much people speak it anymore though, only elders and people who wish to know more of their culture. But this is what I know.

What languages are spoken by Chinook Indians?

Chinook wawa or "Chinook talk" They spoke "chinook" to each other and used what's called "chinook jargon" to communicate with other indians and europeans. Chinookan or a jargon or trade language called Chinuk wawa (chinooktalk)

What languages are spoken by Salish Indians?

Salish is the language that many different tribes in thenorthwestern United States (from Washington to Montana and south tonorthern Oregon) and parts of southwestern Canada (mainly BritishColumbia). There are more than 150 dialects that are almostentirely different, and many more pidgins within thos ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Apache Indians?

all 6 apache languages (Jicarilla, Mescalero & Chiricahua (pretty much the same language), Plains-Apache, Lipan, Western Apache) are athabaskan Most Apaches speak English today. Traditionally, the Apaches speak southern Athabaskanlanguage. Apache has at least two language divisions: Eastern a ( Full Answer )

What is the Choctaw Indian language word for garden?

Since gardens in the modern sense were never part of Choctaw native culture there is no term in the Choctaw language that means "garden". The nearest is ossapa , a cultivated field for growing food. Hashuk abusha is a hay field.

What languages are spoken by Pawnee Indians?

Originally the four Pawnee tribes spoke a language called Sanish , the language of the Arikara tribe - because theyformed part of that tribe. When the Pawnees and Arikaras separated, the Pawnee languagedeveloped slight differences but retained the basic elements ofSanish. Both Sanish and Pawnee bel ( Full Answer )

What languages were spoken by Mississippian Indians?

The Alabama and Seminole Indians are believed to be descended fromthe Mississippian Indians. These tribes spoke a language calledMuskogean, which was a common language among Native Americans andespecially among tribes in the Southeastern United States. Their civilization flourished from 800 CE to 15 ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Seminole Indians?

The Seminoles speak English, Miccosukee, and Creek. Muskogean and Creek Answer Creek and Miccosukee\nrefer to http://www.native-languages.org/seminole.htm The Seminole Indians speak two different languages, Creek and Miccosukee The Seminole People speak traditionally Muscogee &/or Miccosukee but ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Zuni Indians?

They speak Shiwi'ma, known as Zuni in English. It is not thought to be related to any known language. It is one the the less endangered native languages. Most Zuni speak it. There are about 9.700 speakers out of 12,000. There are still some people who only speak Zuni but most are bilingual with En ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Ojibwe Indians?

It is an Algonquin Indian dialect called Anishinaubeg The total population is just over 219,000, they speak Ojibwe and English The Chippewas, Ojibwas, Ojibways or Ojibwes are an Algonquian people made up of very many separate bands who originally lived in both Canada and the USA, all around the Grea ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by Miccosukee Indians?

The Native Americans of the Miccosukee tribe, federally recognised and situated within the state of Florida, have two official languages. These are English, reflective of the official language of America at large, and Mikasuki, the native language of their tribe.

What languages are spoken by Miami Indians?

The Miami language was part of the Algonquian language family and very closely related to Illinois, Peoria, Wea and Piankashaw. The language became extinct, although it had been very well recorded and documented. Since the 1990s a joint project between the Miami tribe and Miami University at Oxfo ( Full Answer )

What languages are spoken by plateau Indians?

The tribes that speak Salishan languages may be conveniently divided into Northern Plateau and Interior Salish; there are also Coast Salish among the Northwest Coast Indians. The Northern Plateau Salish include the Shuswap, Lillooet, and Ntlakapamux

What languages are spoken by Potawatomi Indians?

I encourage you to go to Pokagon Times blog you can find links on how to speak Potawatomi and even hear how it sounds and potawatomi educators teach Potawatomi.

What languages are spoken by Cheyenne Indians?

They spoke two closely related languages (Cheyenne, split intonorth and south dialects, and Soo'taa'e or Suhtaio); both aremembers of the very large Algonquian language family which alsoincludes Arapaho, Atsina, Blackfoot and Ojibwa - but only alanguage expert can show the links between these langua ( Full Answer )