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Kenyan children learn many different languages. Kenya is a multi-language country, Swahili and English being it's offical languages. However, there is 62 languages spoken in Kenya.

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Q: What languages do kenyan children learn?
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What subjects do Kenya learn?

they learn kenyan things

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What is 'excuse me' in Kenyan?

There is no language called "Kenyan". Kenya's official languages are English and Swahili. In Swahili, it's samahani.

How many people in the world speak kenyan?

There is no such language as "kenyan". The official languages of the country known as Kenya are Swahili and English.

How do you say dad in Kenyan?

There is no language called "Kenyan". Kenya's official languages are English and Swahili - in Swahili "dad" is "baba".

How do you say Spirits in Kenyan?

The Swahili word for "spirits" is "roho". While there are more than sixty languages spoken in Kenya, the two official languages are English and Swahili. There is no language called "Kenyan".

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What languages do children learn in school?

Children in Sudan would learn Arabic--probably the Sudanese variant called Juba Arabic--and if they belonged to the educated elite, they would also learn English.

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How many languages do German children learn?

Most German children learn two languages – German and English. English is typically taught in schools as part of the curriculum. Some children may also learn additional languages such as French, Spanish, or another language based on personal interest or family background.

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