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I think you are referring to a garden spider.

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What is a beetle that is black with yellow stripes?

The black-and-yellow longhorn is a beetle that is black with yellow stripes.Specifically, the beetle in question (Typocerus sparsus) has a black head, thorax and abdomen. The hardened, outer set of wings on the upper body also is black, but with yellow stripes. The mature longhorn will showcase three or four horizontally-running yellow stripes.

What kind of bug has a white to yellow shell with three black stripes?

The Flea Beetle has an outer shell of yellow-white with three black stripes. It is usually found in western North America and tend to hide in the soil.

What does the flag of Romania look like?

Vertical three stripes: blue yellow red

What three colors are on the Rwandan flag that was adopted 2001?

The three stripes are blue, yellow and green in the Rwandan flag.

What is a large flying insect 2-3 inches long with a half inch stinger and black with yellow stripes?

The yellow jacket is native to North America but it is not a true hornet. It is two to three inches long with a black and yellow body and a stinger.

What three colors are on the Rwandan flag that was adopted on 2001?

The colours adopted in 2001 are: horizontal stripes of blue, yellow and green with a yellow sun emblem. Previously to 2001, the stripes were vertical: red, yellow and green, with a capital R in the centre.

Is the Spain flag like the Mexico flag?

Not at all. The Spanish flag has three horizontal stripes: red, yellow and red. The yellow stripe is twice the size of the red stripes. The Spanish coat of arms is located on the, yellow stripe, to the right of the flag.The Mexican flag has three vertical stripes of the same size: green, white and red with the Mexican coat of arms on the center of the white stripe.

What are the colors of the Belgian flag?

Three vertical stripes: (going from left to right) Black, yellow, red

What three vcolors are on the rwandan flag that was adopted in 2001?

The stripes are blue, yellow and green. There is also a golden sun.

How many black and yellow stripes does a bumble bee have?

The common bumble bee that you might find picking on your flowers or dwelling near lavender has 4 (four) black stripes on its body or 5 (five) if you want to count the head. It has 3 (three) yellow stripes on its body making it mostly black.

What is the color of Romania's flag?

The flag of Romania is composed of three colors, equally space vertical stripes of blue, yellow and red.

How many stripes are on cubas flag?

Three blue stripes and two white stripes.

Spanish flag colors?

The flag of Spain has three horizontal stripes: red on top and bottom, yellow in the centre. The coat of arms of Spain, is positioned left of centre on the yellow band.

What is the flag that has only three colors in it?

Italy is three green white and red vertical stripes.France has the same configuration but is blue, white and red.Germany is three horizontal stripes in black, red, yellow.

How many stripes do clownfish have?

Clown fish have three stripes.

What colors are Lithuania flag?

Lithuanian flag is divided into three horizontal stripes, colored in this order top to bottom: Yellow, Green, and Red.

What kind of spider has black hair and a yellow heart shape on its back and 2 yellow dots?

i've also come across these. they look like small tarantulas but when seaching further found these to be female Three-spotted Jumping Spider, Phidippus audax

What 3 colors are on Germany's flag?

The 3 colors of the Germany flag are red, black, and yellow. This flag has three horizontal stripes and was adopted in 1949.

What do three stripes on a world war 2 us army uniform signify?

The stripes denote an individual's rank. Three stripes would have been a sergeant at that time.

How many stripes are on the french flag?

The French flag has three (3) stripes on it.

What Kansas spider is black with a yellow strip on its back?

It is probably a female yellow garden spider, Argiope aurantia, if it is three to four inches long. The males are much smaller. They do have fangs ans will bite if provoked, but it will be like a bee sting as their venom is not terrible toxic to humans.

How many stripes does a candy cane have?

Three stripes. They are swisted to seem like more.

What color's are clownfish?

Orange with three white stripes with black around the edges of the stripes.

What color is the flag of Senegal?

The Senegal flag has three vertical stripes of green, yellow and red respectively with a star in the center.Green is to the left,yellow inthe middle,and red at the end. The star is green in the center of the flag.

What kind of soldier wears 3 stripes?

=A soldier with three stripes are called a corporal!==A soldier with the lowest stripes is called the private!=

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