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What lasting impact did Anti-federalists have on us politics?

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What is the lasting impact of World War 2 for the US?

The US became a nuclear siperpower.

What was a lasting impact of world war 1 on the us?

It began to prepare the US for WW2

Are there lasting effects from King Henry VIII's time that impact us today?


What lasting impact do the Greeks have on the US?

many buildings in the us (especially in Washington dc) resemble greek architecture

Which party is against The US Constitution?


What was the lasting impact of the US Open door policy in China?

It lowered the amount of trade in the u.s from china

What are antifederalists?

AnswerThey were the people who were opposed to the US Constitutions provisions.

What impact do the mass media have on politics and government in the US?

The mass media influences politics and the government. They also form a link between the people and elected officials.

What part of the us constitution did the antifederalists think was needed?

The Bill of Rights, :)

Who opposed Alexander Hamilton?

Hamilton was opposed by the antifederalists, who believed that the US would be better off with the states in power, not a strong central government. The antifederalists were led by Thomas Jefferson. Even though the antifederalists lost the argument, they greatly influenced the first 10 amendments in the US constitution, also known as the Bill of Rights.

What impact did the conflict in Asia have on politics in the US?

The Arab Israel conflict in Middle East has long been an important agenda item in US foreign policy and politics. US unflinching support for Israel has been a constant throughout. More recently conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria have been important and played an important part in US politics, specially two consecutive defeats for Republicans.

What impact on Cold War politics and Cubas relations with the US did Castro have?

The only thing that Cuba offered that Americans really wanted was their cigars. Those became illegal to have in the US.

A major reason the Antifederalists opposed the ratification of the US Constitution was because the Constitution?

Bill of rights

Why is the US Constitution the longest lasting Constitution in the world?

It isn't the longest lasting Constitution.

What impact did conflicts in Asia have on politics in the Unites States?

As the US did not exist until comparatively recently most conflicts in Asia had no effect at all on the politics of the US Very true, but I wouldn't ignore the conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, World War II, the Korean Expedition of of 1871 or the Philippine War of Independence. I'm sure some of these have had some effect on US politics but I wouldn't be able to answer your question directly.

A major reason that the Antifederalists criticized the Constitution was because?

The antifederalists at the time of the ratification of the US Constitution believed the document invested too much power in the central government. They believed that the majority of the power should lie with the individual states.

How did the Spanish American War leave a lasting impact on society?

The US had arrived on the world stage and because of the rapid and total defeat of the two Spanish Fleets it had become a World Power.

Why does the US have the longest lasting form of government in the world?

That is a misconception. The US has not had the longest lasting form of government, but the title goes to the Mayan Empire and the Chinese Empires for they have lasted over 3000 years and 2000 years, respectively. Therefore, the US does not have the longest lasting government, but rather ruling under an emperor, not a dictator, has longer lasting governments.

What lasting impact did Andrew Jackson have on the US?

His presidency resulted in the Jacksonian Democracy, which was based on the common people. The use of the spoils system further stressed the power of a political party like the Democrats.

Explain Why antifederalists opposed the constitution?

Relate the glorious revolution of 1688 to the first 10 amendments to the us constitution. What did they have in common?

Why are politics very important to us?

Politics is very important to us because it determine the stability of a country and it would be ruled.

What was the longest lasting Utopian society in the us?


What was the longest lasting government?

The US gov't is actually the longest lasting gov't in the world.

What is the significance of politics?

Politics is the study of government processes. Studying politics helps us to understand what is happening with the government and why it is happening.

What lasting impact did federalist have on us politics?

The Federalist party asserted the import of centralized power in a controlled democratic setting and a strong, capitalistic economy that used powers of taxation only to protect and further the economy itself. This mentality now resonates strongly with modern conservatives, who consider themselves to be continuations of early American politickers; you will often hear them reference the founding fathers in their arguments.