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He wasn't impeached. Jackson completed two terms in office. You're thinking of Andrew Johnson, the 17th President.

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Q: What led to the impeachment of President Andrew Jackson?
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Related questions

What led President Andrew Jackson's opponents to call him King Andrew?

Andrew Jackson expanded the powers of the presidency, which led to his opponents referring to him as King Andrew. Jackson was president from 1829 to 1837.

What led to Andrew Jackson running for president?

He was a lawyer and that led him to

Who led the anti-federalists?

Anti-federalists were most prominently led by President Andrew Jackson.

What did Andrew Jackson do to help his country?

Andrew Jackson fought in the war of 1812 and the first Seminole war. He also led our nation as president.

What was president Andrew Jackson plan for the south?

it led to conflicts with the republican congress. ~apex :P

What good things did president Andrew Jackson do?

Andrew Jackson led the war of 1812 in which we were victorious and only six of our men were killed and ten were left wounded.

Why was Andrew Jackson an important president?

Andrew Jackson led the Americans to victory in the battle of New Orleans against the British and was renowned for his toughness and military strategies.

Where did Andrew Jackson get the nick name king Andrew?

Andrew Jackson was a complex person. He had led a violent and adventurous life. He was quick to lose his temper, and he dealt with his enemies harshly. When he became President, his opponents sarcastically called him "King Andrew." Jackson intended to be a strong president by expanding the powers of the presidency.

Which President signed the Indian removal Act in 1830 that led to the removal of the remaining Native Americans in Indiana?

President Andrew Jackson

What led president Andrew Jackson to accuse Henry Clay and John Quincy Adams?

corrupt bargain

What is Andrew Jackson action toward Indian tribes?

president Jackson was the 7th president and he was supposedly for the Indians but he actually slaughtered them and forced them off their land which led to the trail of tears....

What did andrew jackson do that led his critics to call him king andrew?

Andrew Jackson was criticized by detractors for abusing his power and violating the will of the people for his own benefit. These accusations led to the nickname King Andrew.

Who led the battle to take New Orleans?

The Battle of New Orleans was led by General Andrew Jackson. He went on to become the 7th President of the United States.

What group led the impeachment of Andrew Johnson's the Radical Republicans or the Conservative Democrats?

The radical Republicans, led by Thaddeus Stephens.

Which act prohibited the president from dismissing appointed officials unless he had congressional approval?

I think you are asking about Tenure of Office Act of 1867 which led to the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. It is no longer in effect.

Andrew Jackson's invasion of Florida led to permanent acquisition of that territory after?

Subsequent to Jackson's invasion of Florida, John Quincy Adams, the Secretary of State, pressured Spain to cede the area to the United States. Andrew Jackson would go on to serve as the nation's 7th president.

Who led the Indian removal act?

Andrew Jackson led the Indian Removal Act. He disliked indian's and therefore he basically wanted them removed from their homes which led to The Trail of Tears. He was also president at the time this was happening.

President Jackson's Indian policy led to?

The Indian Removal Act was a law passed during the presidency of Andrew Jackson. It lead to the transplantation of several Indian tribes and the Trail of Tears.

Who led to the founding of the democratic party?

Andrew Jackson

When did Andrew Jackson remove the Native Americans?

In 1814, General Andrew Jackson led U.S. troops against Creek Indians.

What led Andrew Johnson to run for president?

He was the Vice President

What were some economic problems during Andrew Jackson's presidency?

President Jackson transferred funds out of the Bank of the United States which led to the great depression.

Who was the chief of the Seminole Indians during Andrew Jackson's terms?

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president. He served from 1829 to 1837. During Jackson's terms Osceola led a Seminole uprising called the "Second Seminole War". Osceola was captured and died in jail less than a year later.

General Andrew Jackson led the what battle?

New Orleans.

Who led the war against the Seminole Indians?

Andrew Jackson.